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2016 Red Silver White Christmas

Hi Sweet Friends,
Here is the 2016 Red, Silver & White Christmas Reveal!

An old mason jar stuffed full of candy canes & kids pencils!
I've been busy decorating just about every inch of our home for the Christmas Season!
Flee Market Find! $1.00 for the candle stick holder and the candle!

 The picture window is decorated with large balls on ribbon and sparkly snow flakes on red floss. When the window is open, it looks like a mall window! I love it!

 The guestroom door dons a snowman bow!
The pink bathroom is decorated in a softer shade with candles, Santas, and Nutcrackers.
 So FUN!
Christmas Wreath 2016 LINK
I so do enjoy Christmas,
DIY Miniature Christmas Village
wrapping presents to give away, decorating here and there,
making cookies, You can find some of the cookies we make each year on the following links: TDC Week 1, TDC Week 2, No-Bake Cookies LINK
 decorating the tree, the mantle.

Decorating the tree is like opening presents!

Check the local Dollar stores for inexpensive balls to decorate the tree, accents around the house & in flower arrangements.
 and making the wreaths (sometimes remaking the wreaths!).

And looking through all the Christmas decorations from the past is like triggered fond memories.

I so enjoy making new Christmas ornaments. The Red hearts are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Galatians 5:22.

These are a personal favorite, I made two deer for our hunting friends!
I made handmade hearts with the "Fruits of the Holy Spirit" on them.
DIY Tutorial for this Felt Heart Ornament LINK
And the baking all sorts of goodies, delicious recipes, and making new memories with family & friends is such a delight!

Gathering around the tree, remembering the Christmas Holidays of the past and laughing, crying and hugging those who have shared those memories with us.
When we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, that a Child, part God & part man, was born to die for our sins. The joy that this brings is something I want to share with all of you. If I could give you just one gift this Christmas, it would be the knowledge of knowing Christ Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Bringing Jesus into your heart, receiving the Holy Spirit and knowing the joy that you will always live in Christ, is the gift God gives us. It is a choice. I pray you choose the joy of eternal life. 
My Child Nativity Set, not put up due to a bad fall and Matt will finish the decorating! CJ

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Enjoy the time you have with these people. Forgive those in your life  of the hurts they have caused you, because God gave His Son to take away all our sins. Keeping hurt, anger, hate only hurts you and the other person/persons may not even know you bear ill towards them. So, who is it really hurting? Right! So let it go as you enjoy the True Meaning of Christmas! 

God Bless you!

Enjoy the reveal!

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