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My New Christmas Wreath

The old Christmas Wreath got a bit tattered in the storage room.
HI Friends!
Today we are embarking on a DIY Christmas Wreath Redo/Upcycle/Recycle/Upgrade or what ever you wish to call it. I love the new look and hope you enjoy the tutorial!

I used the decorations made on Saturday to make this updated Christmas Wreath Version.

First, I had to remove the dried flowers, broken stems, and flowers that were falling off. It looks a bit bare now, but just you wait and see! Lay out your design idea right on the wreath. I take a photo so that I have a reference if something should fall off or get misplaced. It works well for me :D
Christmas decorations
 Hot glue the new items where you have placed the "idea", taking off each item and gluing it back in the same place.
New Gorgeous Wreath !
Old Scraggly Wreath

Adding the ribbon, the gold decorations and the small gold berries really brought life back to this old wreath. I keep my wreaths in large plastic bags from season to season, but this old wreath got battered through some moves and just did not hold up well. 
The new life given to this old scraggly wreath was such an improvement that I wish I had done it years earlier! But never too late for an Upcycle project! Right?!  Hope you like this one!

Glue ribbon, decorations & leaves in place with hot glue for fast adhesion.

Here is the finished wreath. I changed the large pine cone in the middle top to go on the upper edge top and placed more "roses" to the underneath of the wreath top. I think it turned out FAB! 
Hope you like it and this tutorial inspires you to spruce up your old wreath too!

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