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Moving Through 2020

Hi, Sweet Friends,I'm so glad to be back. We ar back online, back in a new home, back with more family, back in our favorite town, and back at it! Thank you followers, friends, and family for all your support through this weird year. I've been thankful for your advice, your personal comments, and your patience.
That all being said,
We have moved in... Not unpacked much. It's like living in a hotel. Next move before the end of the year. Getting use to it. Nice to have our own bed! Lots of cleaning. Discussed with landlord for letting our kids move in to a filthy house. lots broken, lots dirty, needs pain badly. needs paint. ugly dirty walls. We have cleaned floors, carpets, walls, windows, fixed stuff and they have not come. We have been in since the 3rd. Hum...I think they need a personal visit to the office. We will see if they do anything. Thank God for family & friends! Hugs and hope to be on more as we get established ...again :D
Enjoy!Let’s connect!

Aside from em…

Hi There!

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