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Miniature Christmas Holiday Display DIY

Hi Sweet Friends!
Happy Decorating!!
Today, we are setting up the Miniature Christmas Holiday Display and I had so much fun that I wanted to share it with you all!

First, I'll tell  you a story of when I was younger and my Mom had set up my Dad's metal Miniature Christmas Holiday "Skiing & Ice Skating Scene" on an end table with "Angle Hair" and a mirror. I would sit for hours watching the scene imagining the people partaking in snowy fun! She would have a hill for the skiers and sledders and the mirror would be the ice for the skaters! 

This was a treasured Christmas memory that I made my own. I started collecting houses, buildings, people, and accessories for my scene back in the early 2000's. With my children being older, it was easy to have these scenes set up in different places in the house. 

I thought it would be a fun and easy DIY to show how I set up my display!

First, I clear off the mantle (the lamps don't have anywhere else to live, so they stay where they are).

 Then I use boxes that will build up my display. I place them in levels so more of the village will show and more tiny scenes can be made. I also put the trays upside down so the lamps are taller and the trays can hold my smaller houses. TIP* use the boxes to put the items you removed from the mantle in. Candle holders, and candles fit nicely in the smaller boxes. The florals and frames go great in the flat boxes. Then when the holidays are over, simply put away the decorations and pull out the normal daily display pieces. Saves on dusting too!
Next, I use pieces of "snow" blankets and fiber wrap (found in the craft store by the pillow stuffing). Cover from the bottom to the top and finish by tucking under extra edges. Don't forget to cover the bottoms of the lamp bases. 

 A close up of the covered boxes.
 I then place the large light houses, buildings, and homes in arrangements that will be pleasing to look at and light up the areas when nite time. I keep the cords in front to check for blown out bulbs and fuses.

 Then the trees go into place and the gazebos. Finally the accessories and people make the little village come to life. It is so much fun. Try it today! Here is a Pinterest LINK to another way of setting up a village with a Christmas Tree.
 It is good to take a look at the placement of the items to see where the light will reflect. See I have moved the red and white striped lighthouse over to the opposite side? I did not like the heaviness of the lighthouses grouped only on the one side. I leave it like this for a while to see if the arrangement works. Each year I do it differently.

 Here is the finished set up. The blank spot in the middle is for the newest item that is still under the tree! So, when it is unwrapped, I'll add a final finished photo to this blog posting!

 Close up of the right side view.

 Close up of the middle.

 Close up of the left side view.

 The ice skaters close up.

 The Christmas Parade and the bicycle onlookers above.
 The Ski lesson.

 The Bake Sale,not a great shot.

 The left side of the "ice rink" mirror. The gazebo hosts metal bestro  chairs & table.

 The right side with the newest addition. Hubby got me a boy building a snowman! 

 Santa Photos outside the Post Office with Santa coming down with his raindeer and sleigh!! 

 Town Hall and the Police Dog.

 Main Street Christmas Village with the shoppers going by.

The Wishing Well and more shoppers.

oops my mirror is in need of another cleaning!
Thank you for joining me on this memorable post! I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it up. Try something new today!


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