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Eating Herb flowers

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Today we are discussing Edible Flowers and Herb Flowers.
Herb flowers are most often forgotten, but I eat many of the edible flowers, herbs and "weeds" that grow in my garden. 

For instance, Mint Flowers, Nasturtiums, Pansy, Calendula, Basil, Thyme,  Roses, Borage & Chamomile, are some of the flowers I enjoy in my salads, teas and soups.

Take your dried/pressed edible flowers and brush them with egg whites then sprinkle on the sugar. Allow to dry and you now have candied flowers! Too Cool! Great way to decorate cupcakes!
 Flax seeds are delicious and can go in everything! Well, mostly on salad, in breads, crackers, muffins and of course in your oatmeal!

 Float some Mint leaves with flowers or Borage flowers in your Ice tea.

Borage flowers  have a cucumber taste. 

For a peppery note, use Nasturtiums in your salads. 

For a nice tea, take your Rose petals and place them in a tea pot. boil your water and put it in the teapot to steep for at least 5 minutes. Add a bit of honey to sweeten the tea.

And don't forget your flowers in Potpourri!
I hope you had a good time learning about edible flowers. Please check out any plant before consuming any part of it. Identification is key! And don't eat any plant you don't know what it is. Safety First!
Disclaimer: I only eat from what I have grown in my own yard, therefore I don't accept responsibility for any others actions. Thank you.

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