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7 Herbs & Health Ideas for DIY

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 Here's Herb & Health's pick of the day's best posts for Creative Day Thursdays!
 Since our diets are not always the best for our bodies, this Liver Cleanse is a good idea to help maintain optimal health.
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And doesn't a toothache get worse in the middle of the night? Here are some herbs that will help with the ache. I have personally used, Cloves & Clove oil, and Cayenne Pepper.
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Oatmeal is great for depression and for healthy digestive system. Here is a twist on the smoothie to make one with Oatmeal. Sounds Great!
3. How To Make Delicious And Healthy Oatmeal Smoothies:

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Now that my garden is in full swing, the ants have claimed their territory. I have used the Apple Cider Vinegar and except for the smell, it works well in my garden with the tender plants. Do be careful not to have the vinegar leach onto the plants, they will die. A funnel ensures direct application!

In Colorado, Fleas are not really a problem, but ticks are. Here is a few ways to get rid of the fleas naturally.

This is my favorite of the links provided. We have HBP in our family, so this one is a good read.

And though I do all my dishes by hand, I have many relatives and friends that will enjoy having this link below!
7. How To Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Cubes:

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I hope you enjoyed my quick link blog there are many more links to discover on Herb & Health's Website!  And I hope that there is something on here & there to help you improve your life! And don't forget to check out Herb & Health's Website: LINK
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