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Wednesday Easy DIY Foodie Vinegars

Today I am going to be making herbal Vinegars. Basil Vinegar, Rosemary Vinegar and Mother of Thyme Vinegars to go with my delicious fresh leaf salads.
German Thyme

 Rosemary Vinegar in a re-purposed bottle,
but I dropped it and the lid did not work well again. I used most of it in dressing and just use the bottle now for flowers or rooting things.

"The combinations of ingredients you can use are endless."Mother Earth News.
I like to keep my vinegars simple and add the other herbs & spices when I make dressings.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a stronger vinegar and I use White Vinegar too.

I use a Cold Vinegar for a quick salad of Onions & Cucumbers for a good change up. I soak the veggies for about 3 to 5 hours,  depending on the intensity I want in the salad.

I hope to be making Raspberry Vinegar next week when the berries are nice and ripe.

Here are a few photos from this Summer's Petunias. I like the fullness of the "Wave" variety.
Hope you enjoyed the Herbal Vinegars!
God Bless!

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