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Mint Honey Tea - Saturday

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I love Tea!
 And anyone who knows me well, knows I love tea.
Herbal teas are my favorite type,
 but usually I start with green tea. And if I am just wanting a stress relieving cup, I add mint to it.
Chocolate Mint for Tea or Cooking. Photo by CJD.Sign
I grow my own organic herbs and mints that flavor my teas.
Here is my latest crop of Chocolate Mint, dried and ready to add to a lovely cup of tea.
Fresh Chocolate Mint by CJD.Sign

 I harvested this mint back in Late May. I dried it in bundles tied with rubber bands and tied with red ribbons for easier hanging.
Here is a quick tutorial on how to harvest, dry, and process your own mint.

  I harvest early in the morning  just after the morning dew has dried.

Hang in Cool/Dry spot. Photo by CJD.Sign

 I then dry it for a month, hanging upside down in my kitchen, away from drafts.

Stems for a quick tea cup. I bring these to boil and strain into a tea cup.
Make sure you date & label your Chocolate Mint; I did after this photo. Photo by CJD.Sign

After a month or 6 weeks, I process the dried herbs and bag them up. I date and label the bags and store the in a dark closet. The small reusable containers are cleaned and used to store small amounts of herbs for cooking and teas. I refill them from the large gallon size bags.
"Everything for The Quintessential Afternoon Tea" LINK

is a very good and informative read. Check it out in the link above.

For a Pot of Tea:

   from Wiki

I found this to be the best informative directions to make herbal tea. There are many on the web. I like the visuals on this one above.

Tea Cup Trio available through Wickstead's

My general rule of thumb for a Cup Of Tea:
1 cup hot water
1 teaspoon herbs (more or less depending on the strength of the herb I am adding)
Place in tea ball and steep for five to ten minutes. I add honey or drink plain, depending on the tea flavor.

I hope you found this article enticing and helpful.
 Happy tea drinking!


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