Thursday, February 16, 2017

Necklaces ~ Creative Day Thrusday

Hi Sweet Friends!

I am finally back in the swing of designing again and wanted to show off some fun and created ideas I have been working on!
February Amethyst

Floating Pearls

Anniversary Jade made for ME!! Happy 10th Anniversary Matt!

And as always, Enjoy!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beautiful Valentines for You!

 Hi Sweet Friends,
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Here are a few of the Valentine Cards I made this year! I used this adorable Cupid Antique Valentine and printed it on a minella colored card stock. I did have to adjust the print a bit, but nothing too hard. 

I then used colored pencils to get the look I wanted. Shading and Tracing adds depth and the two cards differ in the bow & feather,  berries and the inside edge of the heart . I put a sweet sentiment on the back of each card and popped them off in the mail. Easy Peasy!

Here is the image from The Graphic's Fairy that I used in this quick project.
 Again, Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Take a moment out to enjoy the day, even if it is just you, grab a good book, a box of candy and get a bouquet of flowers to brighten your space!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day! DIY Ideas

Valentine's Heart
Hi Sweet Valentine Friends!
I hope this day is a Sweet one for You!
1.  Make a Valentine Card using the Graphics Fairy Valentine's Heart above!
2. Give a box of Chocolates tied up with a Red Ribbon and a special sentiment.
3. A Bouquet of flowers is always nice! How about some from Sweet Hill Top Farms

Cupid Heart
4. A potted plant that will remind you of Valentine's Day each year!
5. A romantic dinner at the Camp Robber, Montrose, Colorado!
6. A candle light dinner at home from your favorite take out!
The Kiss
7. Baked Goodies are always a hit with the kids and adults alike.
8. Take are ride in the country and have a picnic, weather permitting...
9. Make a Valentine Video for your loved one or with the kids for the Grandfolks!
The Graphics Fairy
10. Send an E-Card for Valentine's Day to those far away.

So there are 10 Valentine Ideas to get your imagination flowing! Good Luck and have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!
For You My Valentine!

You Can Do ~ Quick Fix

Hi Sweet Friends!
Today we are fixing the toilet handle that broke! And YOU Can Do It Too!
It is a simple fix that the plumber would charge you 1 hours work for a 5 minute (max) job!
 Here are the tools that you will need. A Wrench(Monkey Wrench), your hands, and the new handle with the nut.
 OK, let's do this!
 Open the lid of the toilet tank and set it aside. Take the wrench and turn it counter clockwise (righty tighty, lefty loosey) to loosen the nut. Use your fingers to finish loosening the nut and slid it down the length of the handle bar.
 Lift the bar (the water does not need to be shut off)
 and remove the clip that holds the bar to the chain. Don't drop the chain, just slip it into your hand to hold.
Take off the nut.
 Slip the old bar/handle out of the hole in the tank front.
 Put the new handle rod thru the hole in the front of the tank. Slip on the nut. Hook the clip/chain thru the desired hole (I measured the other handle to find out where it was before).
 Like this.
 Hold the handle firmly, let the rod drop and slip the new nut onto the threads.
 Tighten with your fingers.

 Cinch up the nut, just a bit, so the handle does not flop. And there you have it.
 It's all done and looks great! See how easy that was? And look at what you saved... Labor for a Plumber for 1hr = $51 to $276.

This is what most Plumbers offer.

"Common Services Provided By Plumbers 

A typical family plumber offers such services as water heater and washing machine repair, fixing leaky faucets, replacement of water and waste pipes, replacing fixtures, toilet repairs, installation of sump pumps and installation of new fixtures such as sinks and toilets."

So there you go. You Can Do It and save a few bucks!
The finished quick job at the cost of the parts totaling $8.00.

At the lowest cost Savings of $43.00 . Now go treat yourself to something Special with that $43.00 Savings!! YEA~

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment on a job well done!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Around Town ~ New Rec Center pt 1

The New Montrose Recreation Center
Hi Sweet Friends!
Well, it is finally here! The New Recreation Center has opened for business and is a great addition to the town of Montrose, Co. I know some kinks need to be worked out and there are construction guys here and there, but all in all, this is a great place! 
 The lobby has this greatroom with TV, fire place, comfy seating and large windows to see the pool areas.
 Above the lobby is the Exercise Equipment Area.Those working out on the treadmills, exercise bikes, and ski machines and other machines, have a great view out the windows to the mountain range of  the Uncompahgre National Forest.

 This the "Free Saturday" at the Rec and boy did a lot of people come to use the facility! It was great!
 I have really enjoyed coming out and seeing the new recreation facility here in Montrose.

There are 3 various pools that offer something for every swimmer, old and young. 

 This pool has floating tubes to ride the current, or for more exercise you can walk with our against the current. Very cool!
For the younger crowd, there is a water tower located in the center of the Family Pool area (photo above). They have an awesome slide, a huge corkscrew water slide that goes outside the building and then back in to shoot the rider into the pool. There is lap swimming available in the third pool where the slide is located.

The Rec Center is located behind WalMart on Woodgate between Ogden Road & Otter Pond. It is a great location with so many activities to do.
 We've had a great time visiting the New Montrose Recreation Center. Do stop in an see this site for yourself. It is sure worth it and so much fun!