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Plans For 2019 Success - REVISITED

Hi, Sweet Friends!

It's FALL & I am going to revisit my 2019 Year Plan! October 1st is tomorrow! How are you doing with your year plan? Did you attain your goals set at the first of this year? Did you do even more? Well, do a quick self-check to see where you stand!

I've linked this post to the January Post:
Plans For 2019 Success So that I can see just how I have done with my 2019 Year Plan! I may need some tweaking or some adjustments, but let's see!  My goals:1. Take time out for yourself: I'm listening to relaxing music or instrumental Christian Music in the daytime.I'm enjoying Bible Study with MAD Hubby or alone when I am doing Women's Studies.2. Practice Gratitude: I'm doing good so far!I'm definitely more thankful for everyone & everything around me! 3. Pray Daily: I'm doing much better. We pray at all food times and at night.4. Give Hugs:Yep, got that one covered!5.  Keep a Journal:Doing great!6. Be Happy: 95% of the time this is true! I&#…

Hi There!

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