Tuesday, January 17, 2017

21 Things Frugal People Don't Do from Living On Fifty

Hi Sweet Friends!
You know how I love coming across those awesome blog posts from fellow bloggers? Well, this one from Gretchen Lindow of Living On Fifty, really blew me away. I really mean it! We are doing many of these things on her list, but there were even more that we weren't and now are! 

I love saving money! Who doesn't? 
So, what are you waiting for? Click her link HERE and find out what you can do to save EVEN More money! 

One of the items that Gretchen listed is Thrive Market.
An Organic Whole-sale Company that is cheaper than Cosco, Amazon, or the local Grocery!
Check it out HERE...WE are members and love the food and the savings!

Yes, this excites me and it will excite you too with all the savings you can sock away more for your Christmas or Travel Fund! Great incentive right?



Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Clean and De-clutter Challenge from Simple Living Mama

Hi Sweet Friends!
I just have to share this great post from Simple Living Mama,   called "The Clean and De-clutter Challenge" LINK . I have to agree with Joanie Boeckman, I too get the suffocating feeling of clutter and it can make a gal crazy! Joanie has even created a face book group for support!)see the link on her page above link

Our Christmas Decorations are still up and will be till all the Grandchildren get to have their Christmas at Granpa and Gram's House.
And I am currently in a Branding class, so just as soon as these two events are done, I'll be tackling this challenge. I will post up photos as  soon as I have them and hope you will give me some feed back and join with us as we clean and de-clutter this New Year!
Here are some of the ideas I hope to put into effect in our home revamp!
Source: dear lillie
Source: dear lillie
I want to refinish my library table like the one on the right. I hope to recover my wingback chair too!

 Don't forget to click the link above for ideas for your New Year Organizing! Good Luck! 

wishing for our bedroom!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How To Eat A Dungeness Crab Illustrated Tutorial

Hi Sweet Friends!
This is the second part of my Dungeness Crab Tutorial. Getting messy is the word here, but these illustrations will show you how to do it a bit cleaner. AND Enjoy the work after all.
These are the tools I use to eat a crab. My lobster crackers and the small knife are my preferred tools, however, in a pinch a steak knife and nutcrackers work fine. The lobster crackers work best for the meat as they crack and not mash the shell. *TIP: These lobster crackers are worth it if you eat crab like we do.

The first thing is to break the crab in half.

Then break each leg off like above.
Remove the hard pieces from the body cavity and discard.
Pull the meat from the body cavity.

Crack off the knuckle.

Cracking the legs from the edges works best.

Crack the shell, gently.

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Meat from one side of the crab.

Shells from one side of the crab.

The bowl holds the crab meat from one whole crab.

Corn, not being in season, is the only thing missing from the plate! Delicious New England Boiled Crab Dinner! Enjoy!
A delicious start of the New Year!
I have to say this is well worth the effort for a crab lover like me!