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Did You Forget To Clean These 10 Areas Of The House?

Hi, Sweet Friends,

I love to clean. I guess I am weird that way, but I love to clean. I like a clean house. I like an organized home. I think it is not only nice for me, but nice for my family, for guests who drop by, and well I think a clean home reflects well on me.

So, do you clean in these 7 places that sometimes get neglected?

1. Under the bed. Those dust bunnies hide under there, not monsters, unless you haven't cleaned under there in years! Then I would say those dust bunnies are now dust monsters. But in all seriousness, cleaning under the be is a good thing to do. Get rid of all the dust, dirt, and accumulated junk that floats under the bed.

So, here is what I do. I get the broom, I sweep it sideways to push anything that has gravitated under the bed out. Then I use the vacuum attachment to suck-up anything left. I have a canister vac and can see what is inside when I vacuum.

2.  Under side tables, dressers, and book cases. They all catch debris underneath, also. I move the en…

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