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Merry Christmas From Us To You! Tutorial

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!
 This is an extra post Just For You!
 After finishing the Thursdays Before Christmas, I came across these Cute Cards I made to hang around the house as decorations.
I even made duplicates to put into Christmas Cards. Joy To The World & December 25th.

Here is how to make these! Directions:

Patterned paper with rectangular sayings. Patterned paper for backing
 Brown Card Stock (found at JoAnn's)  Jute Cord/Twine  Glue Stick  Mini Clothes Pins Scissors Ink Pen Edging Inks (Mine are Close To My Heart brand)

 1. Lay out the pieces you are going to work with. 1 cardstock, 1 background paper, 1 card front.
 2. Ink the edges and anywhere else you want to make these a bit "aged".
3. Glue the card to the background paper.
 4. Centering the card as well as possible on the background.
 5. Glue the background card to the brown cardstock with the glue stick. Let dry.

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