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30 + Unconventional Christmas Trees

Hi Sweet Friends,
Happy Christmas!
Now this is an odd posting, because I love Christmas Traditional Trees. That being said, these are anything less than traditional trees. Have any of you seen this tree style above? How does one even go about decorating an "Upside down" tree? I found a few to show you...though, to me, it just seems unnatural!!

Well, here are some pics of other different ways of having a Christmas Tree.
Not a bad idea for a library or an avid reader!
A Peacock Tree? Well, if  you are into birds, this is a cool idea. Lots of bows and feathers!

Do you live by the beach? How about this driftwood tree? Clever!

I popped this one, by Donna of Funky Junk, in for a cute idea that could also decorate a wall. I think the canning jar rings are very clever to pop the pretty balls into. I think you could tie the twine into little bows.

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