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Prayers for Healing Update

Prayers for Healing Prayers for Healing UPDATES Hello Dear Ones,

I've been giving thought to how to go about our prayer chain. I have decided to do an ongoing prayer post with updates and with Praises as they come in!

If you would like to be on this list, or if you would like me to post a prayer for you, just let me know by the comments below in the Subject line put "Prayer Request", add the first name and last initial, prayer request and I will add it asap. I remove the info from the comments, so you will not see it below, but on this list here when I am done.

We pray to you Lord Jesus Christ to do your will in the lives of your children. We pray for comfort in pain, strength in healing and blessings through struggles. We lift up these Dear Ones on this list to you. We ask for guidance, knowledge, comfort and Spiritual Healing.

Prayers of Safety
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