Friday, August 26, 2016

Eggs! From Free Range Chickens! Friday Foods

Hi Friends!
We've got EGGS!! That's right! Our chickens are now laying eggs and what a colorful bunch they are! 

We have 3 chickens that lay white eggs, 3 chickens who lay brown eggs and 2 chickens who lay olive & blue colored "Easter Eggs"! 

How cool is that! 

We were surprised to find that they started laying last week and the first of the eggs was a white one by one of the Bantams! We don't know who actual laid it out of the 3.

 We'd really expected the Partridge Rock Hen to lay the first egg and to our surprise, one of the Bantams won out! And it was a double yolk!!
So today we will be chatting about eggs and I've even included some of our favorite egg recipes for you to try! I'll also include back links to some past posts of the 8-Sisters!

I posted a cute blurb on My Fitness Pal about where these 8-Sisters lay their eggs and thought I'd share it with you, dear reader. It brought a smile to some of my friends faces and they commented that they did not know that the eggs came in different colors or that free range chickens lay their eggs where they want to! Oh do they!!
This post is over two weeks as we are so busy with canning and freezing, with all the fruit and vegetables coming in fast and hard! But each morning, with our baskets, hubby and I scour the yard for the eggs. It  is like going on an Easter Egg Hunt every day. And they lay at different times of the day. 
Digger, Monster Truck Grave Digger - named by Grandson

So, our Digger & Shark, the Easter Eggers lay the blue & olive green.

 Digger lays in the nesting box or in the garden. Shark lays in the table saw cabinet. Yes, you read that right!


Flapper lays a tan egg in the window well of the down stairs bath every day. 

Burn - named by Granddaughter
The RR's, Rhoad Island Reds, Spice lays in the tool box; cardboard box that houses hand tools. Burn lays in the window well or some days in the nesting box. However, today, they both laid their eggs under the vines of the morning glories.

I hope you learned a bit about chickens and their eggs today! This is a fun experience, but not for everyone. The chickens need in a coop 3-4 sq ft per chicken and in the run they need 10-12 sq ft per chicken and of course free range means to let them run the yard. We do have a Blue Andilusa that loves to fly over the 6 ft fence to the neighbor's yard and that is not fun at all...we are working to stop this! LOL
Some egg recipes: And more @  Incredible Egg
How to hard boil an egg

Classic Egg Salad

Basic Quiche

Basic French Omelet

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bird Bath Gets New Life DIY

Hi Friends,
The Summer has finally slowed enough for me to do some of my much needed and neglected projects. Today we are sand painting a bird bath!
 Now this project cost me a total of:
Bird Bath - Yard Sale Find: $5
Drop Cloth - Dollar Tree: $1
Primer Paint - WalMart: $4
Finish Paint - WalMart: $6
Clear Plastic Glove - FREE!
Project Total: $16 Verses a New Stone Bird Bath $135!
Total Savings: $119.00!!!!!!

 Here's how I did it.
Have your items laid out close by your work area.  Spread out your shower curtain liner; over the plants or flowers, too, if you are working in a tight space.  Put the glove on the hand you will be holding onto the spray can with.

Using the  Primer first (Rust-oleum in Camouflage), spray in an up and down pattern all around the base of the Bird Bath. Then go around the bottom base. See photo

Using the Primer first, Camouflage, spray the edges of the Bird Bath. Then spray just the raised round center. I did not want the spray paint in the actual bird bath.

Do just one coat.
Let this dry for about half a hour or more.
Using the plastic glove saves time and hassel of removing the paint.
Next is the Rust-oleum textured multicolored spray paint. I used a shade that went well with the sandy taupe I have on my flower pots. This will be called the top coat or final finish coat.
Respray all the primed surfaces with the top coat textured paint in the same way done with the primer. I let this coat dry over night before I put the water in it.

I also rinsed the bird bath several times to get out any residue in the actual drinking/bathing area.
I really love the way this project turned out! I hope you try something new today!


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Prayers for Healing Update

Prayers for Healing

Prayers for Healing UPDATES

Hello Dear Ones,

I've been giving thought to how to go about our prayer chain. I have decided to do an ongoing prayer post with updates and with Praises as they come in!

If you would like to be on this list, or if you would like me to post a prayer for you, just let me know by the comments below or on my email:  in the Subject line put 

"Prayer Request" and I will add it asap.

We pray to you Lord Jesus Christ to do your will the lives of your children. We pray for comfort in pain, strength in healing and blessings through struggles. We lift up these Dear Ones on this list to you. We ask for guidance, knowledge, comfort and Spiritual Healing.

  Healing Prayers

We lift up:

Little Champ who is a 4month old with cancer. He is having treatments.

Matt D. who is suffering from severe arthritis in his fingers & hands, shoulders and ankles, foot. Also suffers from depression.

Karen R. who is struggling with depression, auto mechanical troubles and hip pain issues.

George R. who is recovering from facial burns due to smoking with his oxygen. Prayers for healing and that he quits smoking.

Nancy H. who deals with anger issues, severe health issues and is currently doing physical therapy to help with her physical health issues.

 Wes H. who is dealing with severe back pain and working with a chiropractor for healing relief.

  Kalila who is being heavily treated with Cancer Therapy for radical  cancer in her body. Recovering from a Kidney infection and a heart cath. scheduled this week.

Dot T. who recovered from one shoulder surgery, is scheduled for the other shoulder surgery and for both knees surgery.

Sara who is struggling with depression and other medical issues.

 Lynn who just lost his son, Andrew, to a long and hard battle with cancer.

"Little Champ" who is only 4 months old and receiving Cancer Treatment.

Evelyn C. who is recovering from hip surgery.

 Don who is dealing with a stroke in his eye.

Gary who is having arm and hand pain.

Terry C. who fell and broke her hip and it is not healing correctly.

 Gwen L is asking prayers for her sister Joyce who was rushed to a Flagstaff, AZ hospital for emergency surgery for a blood clot.

 Phil C. who is recovering from knee surgery and had melanoma removed and the Dr. says he no longer has cancer! Praises to God!!!

 Dot D. having heart issues.

Alex S. who had back surgery and is recovering.

 Misty who is awaiting several surgeries.

 Patty’s New granddaughter that she continues to thrive!

Ella L. who had a biopsy; awaiting results and is now having severe back pain.

CJ P.  who travels to Denver for medical treatments and for his children who are struggling to hold the family together.

 CJ D. who struggles daily with chronic pain issues and migraines with neck pain.

 Clara V. who is having liver troubles. She is at home now, still in need of Recovery Prayers.

Angela is fighting recurring cancer again & prayers to bring her family back together.

Larry D. who has stage IV Pancreas Cancer and is in treatments. UPDATE* the numbers are coming down and spots are no longer visible in some areas! Praise GOD!

Sandy H. who has stage 1V Reoccurring Breast Cancer.

Rhonda K. who struggles with chronic back pain and pressures at work.

 Caroline A. also struggles with chronic back issues & pain.

Silvana who is recovering and near 75% back to normal!! Praise God! And she still needs prayers for recovery.

We ask for your healing in all these peoples lives; these and those unspoken. We praise You for the healing you are doing. We thank You Lord for loving us so much that You gave Your Only Son to die for our sins. We ask in Jesus name these prayers turn into praises. Thank You Father God. Amen.

"So then, don't worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For after all these things the peoples of the world seek.  And your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will also be provided."

                                   —  Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:31-33
Prayers for the Widows & Widowers
 May they find comfort in their grieving knowing their loved one is in God's hands.

We lift up:

Silvia P. went home to the LORD. Please be praying for the family of Silvia during their time of grief.
 Henrietta T. who's husband went home to be with Jesus.  Keep the rest of the family also in prayer, during this time.

 Evelyn K. who's husband went home to be with Jesus.

We come to your LORD and lift up these grieving people to you. We know that they need You in their hours of need. They look to You for guidance of things to come and strength to take one day at a time. The challenges they face will not be without You LORD. We thank You  for your grace, comfort, and support. In Jesus Name. Amen 

 What a joy it is to move people from the top list or prayers for healing to the Praise List!! YEAH GOD!! We give you thanks and praise for your glorious work and miracles! Thank You Jesus Christ!

~CJD. New cream meds are working!! Praise GOD!!
~Jessica K. healing from shoulder surgery. Doing better! Healed Praise GOD!!
~Cathy M. who is awaiting more Foot Surgery. MRI done, awaiting news. UPDATE* No surgery, but cast for 6 weeks Praise GOD!!
~Trevor D. who is recovered from a sliced finger. Healed Praise GOD!!

 ~Caroline  who is recovered from a sliced thumb dealing with severe pain and slow healing Healed Praise GOD!!
 ~Dana Lynn M. who has recovered from Brain Surgery. Healed Praise be GOD!!
~ Janet's house sold! And she will be moving closer to her children and grandchildren.
~GREAT Vacation Bible School attendances and newly SAVED children of God!!! Praises to God on High!

May God be with you always, CJD.Sign

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Apricot Cherry Jam Recipe

Hi Friends!

 Today we are making homemade Apricot Jam. Jelly is delicious, but Jam is DELICIOUS!!!

The recipe for this batch of Apricot Jam is adapted from

Sweet And Savory by Shinee

I added pitted Bing Cherries to the recipe for a Sweet & Sour taste!

This recipe makes about 14  half pints.(I had a bit left over and just make some yummy fruit leather with it!!)LINK

Here is the recipe for Apricot Cherry Jam.


Regular Apricot Jam:
  • 5 cups apricot puree
  •  5 cups cherry puree
  • 6 cups (600gr) sugar
  • 9-10 tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice (about 3)
 for Apricot Jam HERE
for Adapted Apricot Cherry Jam:
  1. Simmer the jars in a large canning pot. Do the same thing with lids and rings in separate pot.
    I like to switch up a lime for a lemon.

  2. In a large pot, combine all the ingredients and simmer over medium heat until the sugar (or honey) is dissolved, about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Increase the heat to medium high and bring the mixture to a rolling boil.

    Stirring constantly, cook the jam for 30-40 minutes, or until it reaches 220°F (104°C).

  3. Pour the jam into hot sterile jars. Leave about ¼ inches from the top. Clean the edges of the jars with a damp paper towel. Put the lid on and tighten the ring around them, but not too tight.
  4. Place the jars back into the canning pot with hot water. Water should be about 4 inches (10cm) over the jars. Bring it back to rolling boil and boil for 10 minutes. Transfer the jars onto a cooling rack and let them cool overnight. You will hear popping sounds, which is good thing. It’s a great sign that your jars are being sealed.

DIY Fruit Leather - Friday Foods. ▻ July (9). ▻ June (22) ... we are making Fruit Leather. If you are scratching your head, think of "Fruit Roll Ups" or "Fruit by t.
  Other Jam sources:

Save some Apricot Seeds to start your own trees.

It is "Canning Season" here for us and we are gearing up for a huge harvest. 

Come along and enjoy the fun!