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Desk Organizer Tutorial Part 3 ~ Creative Day Thursday

HI Friends!This Tutorial is fun and so useful! It is a 3 part tutorial and this is part 3 of 3. If you missed the others, there are links at the bottom to catch you all up!
Here is the link to the Homemade Mod Podge
 Decorate the bottom "lid" box of the organizer by adhering a ribbon or decorative trim. Glue each corner and pull tight around the box. In this photo, I am covering the area where the overlap edge is on the bottom "lid" box. 
 A clever tip/trick with recycled medicine bottle cap and recycled sock hanger. Fill the cap with the mod podge and use the sock hanger for a glue wand. It works great and slides under the papers, elements, lace and trim easily.  Let the glue dry on each corner before tying the bow.
 I found an old VanHeusen shirt tag to add to the small square box. Glue with regular glue, not the thinned mod podge and add some clothes pins to keep it in place until the glue dries.
 Tie the ribbon in a knot first to make sure the placement is secure. Then make the bow. Put glue behind the knot and hold in place about a minute or so till the glue adheres the bow to the box.

Homemade Mod Podge 

I love the look of the ribbon floating ends. Just twist the ribbon and glue at the spots that touch the box. Now it's finished!

 Now that you've finished your Desk Organizer, place it in a location you'll access it the best!

I really enjoyed making this tutorial. 

I have plans to make two more of these organizers! One for Hubby's crafty area and one for the upstairs. They are easy, inexpensive, and fun to create! Try one today!

I found this video on YouTube and it's great! She adds Steam Punk Elements to her boxes! Thank You Einat Kessler  for your amazing inspiration!




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I hope you try something new today!

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