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DIY Vintage Tags Tutorial ~ Creative Day Thursday

Hi Friends!
Today we are making the final tags for the storage boxes. I'll post the storage boxes links at the end. But now, I'll be showing you how to get that Vintage look in a DIY  Tag! And it cost me a total of $4.00 by using my Calligraphy Pens and buying only the tags.

What you will need;
Paper for a mat
Purchased Tags (I got these from WalMart for $4.00! for a pack of 10)
Double sided tape
Calligraphy Markers:
     ZIG - double sided, Brown
     DecoColor -  paint marker, Gold

 Here I have some tags as purchased and some done in that Vintage style; I'd looked for but not found.
 So here is what I did to accomplish the style tags I was looking for.
First, with the gold markers flat edge onto the tag, draw around the point as in the photo above.
 From one side of the point, extend your flat line to one corner to the point at the side. As shown above.
 Turn the tag as you go for an easier and fuller line. Now from the side point, finish the flat line to the bottom. See photo above.
 Again, turn the tag and draw the flat line from the bottom to the side point. See it in the photo above.
 Now do the last corner by drawing the flat line from the side up to the top. Look at the finished tag above. Draw the flat lines in that method for a more even and thicker edge. Do the rest the same way.
 Now the fun Calligraphy part. I used the smaller point of the brown ZIG marker for the lower case letters. (It does look funny, but you can center the word better, I think)
 Using the broad point of the brown ZIG marker, write the capitol letter.
 When I had two words, like White Ribbon, I wrote the large letters first for placement. See above. Use the large broad point of the brown ZIG marker for the Capitol letters.
 This way the placement leaves enough room for the small point letters.
 I did leave a few unwritten for later, but after I used them, I had to go get even more tags to embellish!
 They look nice and they took just a little time to finish.

 To tape these tags onto the boxes, I used the double sided tape. Now, I know that the dispenser is upside down, but hear me out on this trick. Flip the dispenser upside down like shown. Take hold of the end of the tape and place it down on the tag. Then pull the dispenser across the tag to the desired ending spot. Now, push down and twist and it cuts the tape off without touching the tape all up!
Do keep your finger on the first part of the tape, and it does get easier the more you do!   I do this with all my cards, tags, and scrapbook pages. It's fantastic, fast and fun!
Here are the tags on the both types of storage boxes. Remember the shoe boxes in one of my older posts? Well, I used the same tags on both the Mod Podge boxes and the storage containers. On the plastic storage containers, I put the tags on the outside of the boxes. On the decoupage shoe boxes, I put them onto the papers. 
     I'm having more fun than I should fixing up my new Office/Crafting Room! I do hope you liked this tutorial and that you try something new today!

Mod Podge Shoe Boxes
Updated Storage Containers

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