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Desk Organizer Tutorial Part 2 ~ Creative Day Thursday

 Hi Friends!
 Today we are continuing the Desk Organizer Tutorial. 

This part will be on the tubes. 

Depending on the number of tubes you have, each patterned paper can wrap 3 tubes.

What you will need:
Patterned Papers 12 x 12
Toilet Paper tubes
2 Caps ~ 1 with glue, 1 with water
Clothes Pins
 I was able to get 3 long strips 4inches wide from each 12 x 12 piece of patterned paper.
 Take your tube and lay it down on the top of the patterned paper to mark where you will cut.
 Cut all pages as shown.
 This box Desk Organizer took 8 tubes and 8 strips of paper 4" wide .
 To get the size you need, place tube on paper and roll, holding the end and overlapping it.
Cut off the excess piece and save for the next project!
 Glue The ends and middle of the tube like shown.
 Lay the glued edge on the paper and start rolling towards the end of the paper. Glue the edge of the paper to overlap the edges. Then turn in the ends as shown below. Then glue them down.
 As shown, the inside of the tube is a bit crinkly. I just put more Mod Podge inside to hold it down. Coating the inside edge makes it more durable when taking out supplies and putting them back in.

 Next, Glue (no water) the bottoms and the edges on the bottom of the papered boxes. Shown above, then move them in place as shown. Press down firmly. I put candles in the bottoms for weight. This also helped ensure a good glue adherence.
 Here I have glued the boxes, but just placed the tubes in. I wanted to see how they would fit and turn them to show the pattern on the paper that I liked the best. These are Sewing Pages, so I put the more interesting print outward.
 Now Glue them in place by putting dots of glue on the places that touch at the bottom of each tube, the middle of each tube, and to the tubes next to them. Then glue the top edges together.

 When your box is full, let dry. Some of the tubes did not want to stick to each other, so I used a clothes pin and clipped the tops till they were dry.

 Now let it dry overnight before you put your supplies into the compartments! And one more step to go is decorating the Desk Organizer.  I did this because I had rough edges and some decorations and ribbon helped cover this.

I know these take a while to finish, but they are really worth the time. This is an easy DIY and could be used to store children's school supplies or in the bathroom for all sorts of hair accessories! I don't recommend putting tooth brushes or paste in these as they are not water resistant.

I hope you liked this DIY and will try it today!


Desk Organizer Tutorial Part 1

Our Sponsor:  LC Cooper, Author & Humanitarian

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