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Pumpkins For Fall ~ Kudos Martha!


Pumpkins are so much fun!
Hi Everyone! Today we are talking Pumpkins with lots of pictures and DIY Ideas for you to get some inspiration from!
Martha Stewart uses some fantastic ideas for pumpkins HERE:http://www.marthastewart.com/1035055/halloween-pop-shop
Photo on Martha Stewart.com for Cute Ideas and Products by Martha Stewart
Craft Painting - Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Pumpkin Clock 

 I shopped for my pumpkin yesterday. After looking around at all the shops and markets for my "perfect" pumpkin, I found it at Walmart. Yes, it was the biggest and best shape for this years big pumpkin.

image via Martha Stewart
And after seeing all these lovely pumpkin decorating ideas, I am ready to go with my Fall Decorating!

My pumpkins, this year, came out odd shaped and even though I rolled and turned them, they were tiny little pumpkins. I planted "Jack O' Lanterns" that came out like squashed hats, "Sugar Babies" that did not produce one single pumpkin despite the huge vines, and "Mini" in stripes, orange and white. The stripes did not produce, the orange and white ones turned out cute. So, next year, the pumpkin patch will be moved to the middle of the garden to gather more direct sun. I'll keep you informed on my progress.
Halloween Grows Up 
 What a beautiful Tablescape! Kudos to Martha for all her beautiful ideas and inspiration. I hope you check out the links for more information and Martha Stewart Ideas! She is such a crafty lady!
Enjoy your Fall decorating with pumpkins and more!

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