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Fall DIY Fix Ups for Your Home Decorating

Fall DIY Fix Ups for Your Home Decorating
I have to say that I absolutely LOVE FALL!
It's the smells of pine and crispness in the air.
It's the  colors of golden yellow, crimson reds, and bright orange leaves that fall from the trees.
It's coolness in the air and the smells of wood fires burning. It's the time of year for casseroles and pumpkin pie, pumpkin breads and muffins.And it is the season to layer the inside of your home with blankets, throw rugs, curtains, and bring in the space heaters.
I enjoy the colors of fall and change the Tuscany Style of my living room a bit more seasonal.
Mason Jar Flower Arrangement
How to make Mason Jar Arrangement
Tie a seasonal ribbon around a large mouth mason jar. Put dried oasis into jar. Stick in flower, berry, pumpkin,and leaf picks. 
Your done!

My LR candles covered with printed paper for fall decor.

How to make Paper Covered Candles

First pick paper for your decor. I picked wood design for my Fall Decorations.
Lay paper face down and place candle at corner edge. Mark top of candle line with pen. Cut on line according to the length of paper you wish to wrap.

I use the whole length *12". Use double stick tape on the back side, left edge and on the back side,right edge of paper. Slowly, keeping the bottom of the candle on the bottom edge of the paper, roll candle till you come to the final taped edge. Adjust if necessary. I like a bit of paper up above my candles in case they are different colors. I have made the spring/summer candles over with the burnt colors of fall. I added the fall paper and removed and save the spring pieces for next year.
Spring/Summer paper covering.

Fall paper covering for candles

Candles add such a warm glow to my home. It is something I really enjoy!
So there you go... 
It is so nice to have candles burning and snuggling under big blankets.
Fall Sunset in Montrrose, CO
Change out the Sheers for Curtains.
To keep the theme of my home flowing, I have opted to change out the billowy sheers for lace curtains and an upholstery valance to complete the window dressing.
Taking down the billowy sheers in the living room.
 Adding throw blankets to chairs and the couch helps to create the warmer feel of the living space. Use place mats and table runners to add layered warmth to the rooms. Cloth napkins, runners and mats can even be used on top of a table cloth.
A cute and frugal place marker idea is to use leaves with metalic ink names written on them. Very easy idea.
Idea from pintrist.com
Last year we grew mini pumpkins and handed them out for Halloween. I used black permanent markers to draw faces on them. They were a big hit. We had a tiny garden this year due to our move and hope to continue the tradition next year.

AS Seen In: The Frugal Homemaker

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