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DIY Tutorial for Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

Pumpkin Flower Arrangements  

 Kelsey Moore • 11 days ago 

Kelsey Moore (link above) from Pinterest added:
You Need: Knife, Pumpkin, Vase, Floral Dish or empty can 2-3” smaller than pumpkin, Scissors, Spoon, Dry Fall Leaves, Wheat Spikes, Cattails, Fall Flowers, Tape, Floral Foam (if you are going to use a dish) instructions: Carve pumpkin, make hole 1.5" larger than vase. Remove seeds & pulp. Fill vase halfway with water or soak the foam; place in pumpkin. Select flowers, if you are using a vase you must trim the stems twice as tall as the pumpkin. Place tallest flowers in center.
Thank You Kelsey for a great POST!

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