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Black & White Cute Pumpkin & Fall Decorating Ideas

How cute is this pumpkin Monogram idea! Just use black marker and ribbon and accent(spider). Too Cute and too easy! And if you are a gardener, "Lumina" variety pumpkins are awesome to grow!
For more ideas (10 ideas from thestir.cafemom.com) click link above.  
I like the first one in this series of "10 no-cut pumpkin ideas".

 More cute Halloween decorations. black and white pumpkins!
PDF Available on this site:   http://webcodeshools.com/cute_halloween_decorations__black_and_white_pumpkins/
 Oh my gosh! These are too cute! Love the look and ease of this project. And the Ideas are limitless. Lace, black leaves and white & black paint are all that is needed!
Posted up on Kara Cook's Pinterest

 This White Decor Pumpkin with Paper Flowers is from Baby Loving Mama (see Kara's link above for other links). An Awesomely CUTE Pumpkin idea for Halloween or Autumn Decor!

The Black & White striped beauties come from Kara Cook of Creations by Kara http://www.creationsbykara.com/2012/09/halloween-decor-black-and-white-pumpkins.html/
I just adore these ideas! And since today is Sunday and I like to fun blog on Sundays, I thought this would be a cool Idea. We like to make fresh pumpkin pie and this is a great way to still use the pumpkins afterwards. But use Luminas instead of completely painting these that you will cook with. 

 Penny for Penny has a great write up on Halloween Decorations that really goes with this blog. Here is the LINK

This article is from September 17, 2011 but still one of my favorites. As the saying goes, "an oldie, but a goodie"!
Better Homes & Gardens

But there are more photos that the two I have posted here. Please take a look! Penny says that growing up in New Zeland, "we never celebrated Halloween or went 'Trick-or-Treating'". And she thinks it is now a favorite.

Parenting Magazine has this cute cat pumpkin LINK   and directions to create it DIY!
This article features 20 Halloween craft ideas from Pumpkins to Spiders and from Eats to Treats. Check it out!

Stone Gables

And from the always BEAUTIFUL Stone Gables Blog is this crafty spool pumpkin display with checkered ribbon. Instructions given in this LINK 
And one of Stone Gables Blog pumpkin display from Pinterest LINK but I could not locate a photo on this blog posting of SG.

Also, if you scroll through Stone Gables blog there are several posts and write-ups on white pumpkin decorating. I love them all and could only choose some for the DIY ideas. Thank you SG!! But I just can stop at 2, so here is a third idea of total craftiness by SG. The use of sweaters to decorate your pumpkins! Totally inspiring! LINK


And I thank all the creative people in this post! Lovely, Snuggly, & Fun!
Have a great day!
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A cute update on the Fall Pumpkin...
Meet the Pumpkins 
The Pumpkin People. Photo unknown, but if this is yours let me know and I will give you credit!  Oct 2015

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