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Welcome Fall Decorating


We Welcome Fall after a strange Summer this year!

Here are a few Fall Decorating ideas that will delight your home and fill it with Fall!

Change up the chairs with slip covers and accent the room with throw pillows that you can put a slip cover on as well!
Change out the candles for Fall smells like pumpkin pie and cinnamon apple.
Decorate with deeper and richer browns, gold tones, leaves,  
bronze figures, deep oranges, as well as natural tones.
Bring the outside inside with leaves and natural elements! Make a corn husk wreath HERE for your front door to Welcome Fall or how about a Scare Crow for your Fall Garden! HERE
Don't be afraid to go a bit over your normal style, experiment and enjoy the Fall season!
Have a Fun Fall... pun intended!

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Oct 26, 2014

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