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e.l.f. Eyes, Lips, Face Makeup!

Eyes, Lips, Face Makeup Line has been around for a while, however, I just found it at my local Target Retail Store.
It's In The Eyes With e.l.f.

 I love it for so many reasons! I just have to share with you!
You can also find other product items on their official website:
e.l.f. Cosmetics Custom Compact, Flawless Eyeshadow Kit in Smokey, Blush, and Healthy Glow Bronzer. .
Let's get started!

The 5 e.l.f. products that I have selected are for eyes and face.
The Custom Compact holds 4 individual eye shadows shown below. 
  Cost of the Custom Compact: Compact w/ mirror and applicator tool $1, Each individual color disc $1, to fill pack with 4 discs $4. Total $5.00
Add eyeshadows
Holds 4 individual
Individual Custom Eyeshadows

Custom Compact for eyeshadows and original box, so you know what to look for on the shelf.

and the Flawless Eyeshadow has 4 colors in the compact. 

 I chose the Smokey#31626

Each of the eye shadows have imprinted where on the eye you place 
the colors. By the color pallet, the light is the "Base", the light grey is
 the "Lid", the medium grey is the "Crease", and the dark grey is the
 "Line". So you can't really get it "wrong", if you just follow 
the directions!
 Cost of the quad Compact: $2.00
I have not found any other concealer that has worked this good. If it wears off, I just reapply. Simple, effective and affordable! The Blush is lasting! Love it! and the last piece is the Healthy Glow Bronzer. Love it! However, the golden color can be a bit overwhelming, so stick with the cheeks and highlight areas. 
 Cost of the three: Blush $1, Bronzer $1, Concealer $1. Total: $3.00

  e.l.f. Essential Tone Correcting Concealer  Rated: *****

Eyes, Lips, Face Makeup Line
"e.l.f. cosmetics is the premier retail source for all your makeup and beauty needs. Our products offer affordable and high quality design to enhance your natural radiance. We offer an entire line of luscious lip glosses, with various shades and styles to choose from, as well as intensive hydrating lipstick for long-lasting color and shine. Our natural mineral makeup will help you on your way to healthier glowing skin, without parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes."

At the low cost and high quality, I give e.l.f. Cosmetics a 5* rating!
Have  a Wonderful Week everyone!
I hope to be blogging all week about e.l.f. Cosmetics! 
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Enjoy & God's Blessings,

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