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3rd e.l.f. Cosmetics ~ Lips!

What is more fun that RED LIPSTICK??
I like the following e.l.f. colors and have some of them now. 
And there are some videos to learn how to put it on correctly. I did use my concealer to start with a blank lip for a base. 

Then apply the lipstick with brush, finishing with the tube lipstick to fill in. I only use lip liner if I am out of the concealer.
 e.l.f. Essential Lipstick

 I use the concealer to touch up the lip for a crisp look.

 Videos for perfect lips. They use other products, 
but I used my e.l.f. products.

Want Smaller Lips?
There is a way to downsize larger lips. Use pink-browns, nudes, and other neutral-toned matte shades of lip color. Don't use liner, and focus color in the middle of lips.
e.l.f. lipstick $1.00

This lipstick comes in 11 colors. LINK  Re-apply as often as desired.
"Coming soon! Just in time for mistletoe, enjoy 3 NEW Studio Moisturizing Lipstick shades! Check out Crazy Cranberry, Wine Tour, and Orange Dream, available this winter on eyeslipsface.com!"
Beautiful New Lipstick Shades As Seen On: https://www.facebook.com/elfcosmetic
I love this brand! It is affordable and great quality!
Stay with me while I review more e.l.f. products through out this week! I'm going to review mascara and eyeliners tomorrow!
Enjoy & God's Blessing,

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