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2nd e.l.f. Cosmetics ~Eyes Smokey & Moondust

Eyes, Lips, Face Makeup Line has been around for a while, since 2009, however, I just found it at my local Target Retail Store

 I love it for so many reasons! I just have to share with you!
You can also find other product items on their official website:

The Custom Compact & the Travel Mirror Compact, a duo mirror.

 The cost of the Brushes is $1.00 each. The Custom Compact & Travel Mirror are each $1.00.

I use the eyeliner pencil and the eye liner liquid. The pencil comes with a small sharpener. The Mascara Costs $1.00 and the Eyeliner Costs $1.00 and includes the sharpener.
 The Volumizing  Mascara is terrific. But my eyes water a lot and I will be switching out for the water proof type of Mascara.

 Here are my latest shadow purchase. Each Custom Compact holds four shadow discs. Photoed are Wisteria, Purple, Moondust, Peach Fizz. The Flawless Eyeshadow  4colors, is Smokey and comes with a small applicator sponge wand. Each Custom Eye Shadow Costs: $1.00 each. The Flawless Eyeshadow with 4 colors Costs: $2.00.

 I love this Custom Compact. It allows you to take along your daily pallet for a quick touch up. It has a mirror and applicator sponge wand. Cost $1.00. 

                           Smokey               Peach Fizz & Moondust

 Here are my eyes made up with the Smokey ~ Flawless Eyeshadow on the Right and the Custom Eyeshadow 4 discs on the Left eye. My left & Right is opposite of this photo. :D
And I noticed the video uses more dark color. I did not in this photo. And Pink Lipstick for YemmyMade!!

Pump Up the Shine!
Mix one part vinegar with four parts carbonated water, and soak dry hair. Leave on for 15 minutes before you shampoo to lock in shine and combat dullness.

Eyes, Lips, Face Makeup Line
"e.l.f. cosmetics is the premier retail source for all your makeup and beauty needs. Our products offer affordable and high quality design to enhance your natural radiance. We offer an entire line of luscious lip glosses, with various shades and styles to choose from, as well as intensive hydrating lipstick for long-lasting color and shine. Our natural mineral makeup will help you on your way to healthier glowing skin, without parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes."


2nd e.l.f. Cosmetics ~Eyes Smokey & Moondust

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At the low cost and high quality, I give e.l.f. Cosmetics a 5* rating!
Have  a Wonderful Day everyone!
I hope to be blogging all week about e.l.f. Cosmetics! 
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