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Decorative Table Setting Ideas

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The Holidays are upon us and Thanksgiving is just a week away! Setting a nice looking table is part of our families own Holiday Tradition since my Grandmother's delightful table presentations. She always laid out the fine china, linen and crystal with a beautiful centerpiece that tied it all together. And I was the lucky one to inherit two of her many china sets that I use in my home to this day. I will be passing them down to my own grandchildren when they have families of their own. 
The Emily Post Institute has some great advice on Table Setting here:  http://emilypost.com/advice/table-setting-guides/

I found some photos of my table settings I wanted to share with you. It is good to know how to set a table and I have included some personal diagrams for assistance at the bottom of this post.

Fun Holiday Breakfast

Fancy golden charges were $1.00 at the Dollar Tree (*these are not to be used as regular plates, just under the main plate).

Formal Flair

Thanksgiving Table

Elegant And Crisp


Here are some photos to help you set the table.

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