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33 Christmas Wreath Ideas

Christmas wreath

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Tutorial by Your Homebased Mom

Hi Friends,
Now that the Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday SALES! have passed,  "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"
 And I ran across the most awesome tutorial on "How to Decorate A Christmas Tree" by Your Homebased Mom. And I just had to share it with you! LINK

I usually take a bit longer to do the decorations as I make my home flow from one room to the other in the same theme or color. I usually start with the tree, then the mantle, table, and incorporate a little "Christmas" in each room, on book shelves, on doors I hang indoor wreaths, and add theme towels & linens to make a comfy Christmasy look.  

After all, isn't it the look and feel that helps us all get into the Christmas Spirit?  So here are a few shots from our 2014 Christmas Tree and decorations. Enjoy!
It is time to get the decorations out, fix or toss out any broken ornaments, ribbons will need pressing, hang up the outdoor lights and decorations, hang the wreaths with…

Corn ~ Vegetable of The Week

Hi Friends!
Today we are talking about Corn (Maize)!  I love corn! Growing ears of corn, canning, freezing and eating corn since my childhood. I guess I was a Vegetarian even before I knew what one was! 

A funny story: When I was in grade school, my brother and I would eat what we liked on our dinner plates first and then swap out plates with each other. I would eat all the vegetables and he would eat all the meat. This worked out great until our mother caught on to our shanagins and made us sit at the table until we finished everything on our plates. This could last for hours each night and she'd watch us to make sure we did not swap our plates with one another.  I'm still a veggie lover, but I do eat some meat too! 

Corn has an important history here in the United States of America. If you could just pick one food that exemplifies the Americas, it would be corn. Corn is produced in many of the States and is the third largest produced food in the US. According to the National C…