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Eggs! From Free Range Chickens! Friday Foods

Hi Friends!
We've got EGGS!! That's right! Our chickens are now laying eggs and what a colorful bunch they are! 

We have 3 chickens that lay white eggs, 3 chickens who lay brown eggs and 2 chickens who lay olive & blue colored "Easter Eggs"! 

How cool is that! 

We were surprised to find that they started laying last week and the first of the eggs was a white one by one of the Bantams! We don't know who actual laid it out of the 3.

 We'd really expected the Partridge Rock Hen to lay the first egg and to our surprise, one of the Bantams won out! And it was a double yolk!!
So today we will be chatting about eggs and I've even included some of our favorite egg recipes for you to try! I'll also include back links to some past posts of the 8-Sisters!

I posted a cute blurb on My Fitness Pal about where these 8-Sisters lay their eggs and thought I'd share it with you, dear reader. It brought a smile to some of my friends faces and they commented that they did not know that the eggs came in different colors or that free range chickens lay their eggs where they want to! Oh do they!!
This post is over two weeks as we are so busy with canning and freezing, with all the fruit and vegetables coming in fast and hard! But each morning, with our baskets, hubby and I scour the yard for the eggs. It  is like going on an Easter Egg Hunt every day. And they lay at different times of the day. 
Digger, Monster Truck Grave Digger - named by Grandson

So, our Digger & Shark, the Easter Eggers lay the blue & olive green.

 Digger lays in the nesting box or in the garden. Shark lays in the table saw cabinet. Yes, you read that right!


Flapper lays a tan egg in the window well of the down stairs bath every day. 

Burn - named by Granddaughter
The RR's, Rhoad Island Reds, Spice lays in the tool box; cardboard box that houses hand tools. Burn lays in the window well or some days in the nesting box. However, today, they both laid their eggs under the vines of the morning glories.

I hope you learned a bit about chickens and their eggs today! This is a fun experience, but not for everyone. The chickens need in a coop 3-4 sq ft per chicken and in the run they need 10-12 sq ft per chicken and of course free range means to let them run the yard. We do have a Blue Andilusa that loves to fly over the 6 ft fence to the neighbor's yard and that is not fun at all...we are working to stop this! LOL
Some egg recipes: And more @  Incredible Egg
How to hard boil an egg

Classic Egg Salad

Basic Quiche

Basic French Omelet

Back links:
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