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Jefferson’s Monticello Bantam Chickens

Jefferson’s Monticello Bantam Chickens 

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Today we are again talking chickens and Rare Breeds.

Thomas Jefferson lived in the Monticello, Virginia. Jefferson had ducks, chickens, guinea hens, turkey, peacocks, pigeons, and geese.
Here is a link
on diary notes from Jefferson on Bantam Chickens. The notes are on Poultry from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Jefferson was very fond of these Bantams and gave sound advice on raising them. The notes back and forth are worth the quick read!I found the information, on Mother Earth News, a write up on Jefferson's Bantam Chickens and it's very interesting.  

We've acquired three rare breed chickens. Here are the chick & adult pictures that show how they look.








   The Polish Bantam

 The Andalusian Bantam

and the last rare species is 


The Lakenvelder

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