Hi There!

Day One of New Crafting Room ~ DIY


 Hi Friends!
Well, the room revamp has started and I've put in my Up-Cycled Boxes & made some Cork Board Pin Boards.
The shelving & work area.
The shelves were hung, some of them, and more stuff was moved into the space.
The closet area
This is the shelving area.
This next week, we'll be putting more into place and moving the tables into place. I hope to have more of the boxes finished and ready for patterns, notions, & findings. I hope to have the photography studio area set up and ready for new jewelry photos! 
There's a lot to do, but it looks as if I'll be moved in by the middle of next month!

 Here is the new pegboard area.
Cork Board squares are covered with patterned papers. Keeping the Antique Shabby Chic look.
 The photo frame, above, is a patterned paper cut to size and fitted into the frame for symmetry. 

I like the way it turned out. This space will get a lot of use. I plan to use them as Idea Boards.

Here are some of the boxes I have done in the Home Made Mod Podge & matching papers. They are linked to the blog from earlier in the week. I really like the look.
These aren't the curtains that I will have up here, but I wanted softer light. I also am thinking of making fabric strips to cover the MOON & STARS Boarder. It is not an option to take it down. Oh well.

 I'll keep you posted next week for more of my DIY's that I'm using in this space! Look for better photos and a more finished looking room!!
Enjoy and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to hang out with me!!


~Homemade Mod Podge 


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