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Updated Craft Room Ideas for New Space! ~ Creative Day Thursday

17 Crafts Room Ideas
I have had 7 craft rooms and have just moved again where I now share the room with hubby's business. So I have been looking for small space saving projects/items that will help make my space a comfortable, practical, craft area.

This project has been 2 years in the planning and now it is going to come true!! My own office!
Well Craft Room, Business Office and Studio all wrapped up in one place!

 My true Creative Get Away! Ok, so I am a bit excited. Well, to be honest, I'm totally ready for this Room Makeover and excited seems a bit understated.

Ribbon Organizer for Crafts Room 

Use an old hanger with a removable cardboard support for hanging pants.
The Fun Times Guide > Cardmaking and Crafts > Hobbies & Crafts > Craft Supplies >

Instead of using an individual hanger, you could also turn an old pants hanger into a ribbon organizer.

Hang thread racks, magnetic racks, and ribbon holders under storage shelve to hold items for easy reach. LINK  on Fun Times website by Regina.  And there's more ideas too!
A great idea that gives a shelf a mantle look from Gail's Decorative Touch

A Corner Mirror for client's trying on clothing or for fitting.
Then the decision for a desk, a work space or an office looking room.
Idea: A desk for Client Consultations?

Idea: A desk for Brainstorming Ideas?

Idea: A smaller desk for routine tasks?
And inside the main drawers, how should they be organized?  How about a sliding compartment organizer like the one below? Great for Jewelry or small parts?
And a great idea to store your main power switch out of the way of little fingers or paws that hit the power off while you are in the middle of a brilliant post!  Yeah, that has happened more times than I'd like to admit!
And what about the desk top? Is this the place for the computer? the camera? the light box for photography? Or is there going to be a space for each different activity to the room?
Adding positive messages will help to keep you on track with the functionality in the room. A positive space is a productively happier place to work in.

I found these cute little pockets on Pinterest, but thought they would be ideal to use for a number of task holders.

line boxes with paper & top with special papery decorations for that special box or an accent to the room that would hold some mundane items. Or even a writing kit to use when a Thank You Note is required. Gosh so many things to think about! Source by blogged this Danielle Flanders

I like this idea for a covering for my supply shelves. Something flowing and long, but not overwhelming. Something to contain a space not necessarily enlarge it.

Grouping colors together is not only pleasing to the eye, but easier to match like colors when in the creative process.

I like this larger work space with the rolling chair that would go from one space to the other without much trouble. Also a nice wrapping station to the left side of the computer station. Nice layout.

I like this window box idea with the old jars. The color theme would be like Salty Sea or Turquoise Theme.
Using older furniture & shelving pieces makes the room interesting and quaint. What do you think?
Here is a great color theme for the craft room. Keeping hues in similar groups and yet blending the pinks really makes this shelf pop with delight!  My choice of color would not be the pink, but I do like this idea. Pretty & functional.
Leaving a space for your most precious item is a MUST. Do you see the kitty?
I do like this idea of the built in shelving units, but we move so much that they would have to be easily removable and portable.
Here, the Crafter screwed the lid to the under side of the shelf board. To close the container, just screw it onto the lid.
Spool Racks, Pencil & Scissor Cups & a pin board help keep things tidy.

keeping cleaning supplies in one location, ie bucket, is a good idea.

Arlis Beauty. net shows here are very nice way to keep your printing area crisp & tidy with baskets in a small book case. I do like this idea! You all know I am a basket lover, or as a friend has said, "basket case"! Either way, I do love baskets!

A full length mirror on a closet door is a great space enhancing feature.

In this room, the dining/craft table is the main focus with the work & storage areas on the walls behind. Compartments in the unit provide ample space for organization. Adjustable shelving is a great option for an ever changing space.
I have several of these boxes and like the upgrade look of using fabric, below, to make the boxes beautiful and stronger.
Or as their intended use for the wall. I'm not sure I will have enough wall for this, but I do like the idea!

Spray Paint old metal containers for a uniform pallet that not only is useful for organization, but good for an accent of color to the shelves & room.
A brilliant "end" of desk use is a book case. A small one that is just under the desk or part of the desk would be perfect. What do you think? And the large pin board inside the cabinet in the back makes for a tidy space when closed up.
I like the pegboard idea for tools, but I am afraid with little hands around, things could be a bit precarious, to say the least. What about You?

Add caption

Pepper & Salt & Sugar shakers for glitters!

A Soft basket to store yarns? Great Idea and one I found a pattern to make out of old jeans HERE by Pam of Threading My Way
Above window shelving? For storage or those cute little decorating things that make the room less office like?
What about multiple thin drawers? A cabinet or a dresser would be the perfect piece for this.

" Some fun tips to organize your craft room so you can actually spend more time creating, rather than thinking, "Oh, man what a mess!""  
11 Great tips on how to get started and keep things organized!  Thanks Regina!

A nice room set up on MarthaStewart.com by honeybearlane.com

 I like the use of the compartments under the table for storage.
Covered Clip Boards

 This was an excerpt from a 2008 issue of Martha Stewart magazine.  I like the way the covered clipboards are both functional as organization and decoration. Keep the color pallet similar for a complimentary look and pleasing feel.

I like the ideas of using mixed furniture for storage & the printers drawer for thread and findings.

This is a shop photo, but I like the way things are color grouped. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but it makes things easier to find. LINK
Heather Bullard Read more http://www.decorismo.com/amazing-ideas/24-innovative-craft-area-storage-tips/
Grouping similarly used items together is a great way to save time!

containers from the Land Of Nod.
 I have so many ideas and desires for this new Craft/Business Room! 
I have tons of containers and these are organized perfectly! I will be covering my magazine holders to compliment the other items of organization. Thank You ARMELLE!

Love the tack board covered in a complimentary pattern & color!

Great Idea for matching theme!  Thank you Sophia!!

Well, I think I have some good ideas for starting this Crafts Room Project! Good luck to you if you embark on a Crafts/Office Room project! Would love to hear from you!
Enjoy & Blessings to You,

I have really enjoyed creating this updated post! I hope you found some ideas or inspiration for your own shop, craft room or craft corner! I will have more DIY's with this large project & will keep photos of new and interesting finds here. 

I hope to have the 4th Br. transformed into the New Guest Room by June when all the weary travelers start to come through. I'll keep you updated!
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