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Cabbage~ Vegetable Of The Week


Hi Friends!
This week's Vegetable is Cabbage and we had a great crop of cabbage this year!
We grew two varieties of Cabbage this year, the first, Late Flat Dutch and then, Golden Cross.

  • Orient Express - this Chinese cabbage variety matures in 45 days from seed, small heads average 1 1/2 pounds, dense center with dark green outer leaves, peppery and sweet flavor, good crisp texture
  •  King Slaw - this large variety averages 15 pounds, ready in 105 days from seed, large blue/green outer leaves, creamy white center is dense, mild flavor

  • Early Flat Dutch(ours is Late Flat Dutch*as told to me by hubby) - this variety features light green outer leaves and a creamy white center, heads average 8 pounds, ready in 80 days after transplanting, dense heads are more flat than other varieties

  • Golden Cross - this cabbage variety matures in 45 days after transplanting, small green heads average 2 pounds and are about the size of a softball, medium green outer leaves and a creamy white center, heads are tight and well-formed, sweet flavor
 Cabbage Recipes:

Dill Beef Stuffed Cabbage

New England Boiled Dinner

 An Indian Recipe
Cabbage Pakora


 Asian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls



SOURCE: All Recipes



Cabbage Rolls II

Enjoy trying a few new Cabbage Recipes this Week!


 Friday Foods ~ New England Boiled Dinner

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