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Little Treasures From The Garden

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I just came in from the garden to find such little treasures hanging all over my Alaska Pea vines. These little sweet flat pea pods are packed with goodness and a true treasure. I'm not saying that the pea pods in the grocery aren't delicious as well, but what I am saying is that the first "fruits" of the growing season are such a treat. 
Alaska Pea Pods and Garlic in the front garden.

If you are a gardener, then I am sure you know that jubilant feeling that comes when you pick those first treats off the vine or plant. If you are not a gardener, yet, then consider growing an herb or cherry tomato plant to get you started. The rewards are delicious!

Lettuce, Garlic, Thyme, and Little Purple Pansies
It's the middle of June and the vine started putting on flowers just this past week. Picking these mini sugar bombs will encourage continued growth. These hot days of Summer, however, can stunt the plant so it will be moved to a shady area for a cooler growing season.

Lettuce & Alyssum
 Recipes with Alaskan Pea Pods:

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Black Pepper Stir Fry ~Friday Foods

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