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A True Rare Beauty ~ Video

Hi Sweet Friends,
Here is the latest video of the Large Rare Blue Topaz that was cut by Matt A. Dunkle, of Custom Gem Cutter, for Choice Gems Company. 

 This has been the favorite project of Matt A. Dunkle since he started cutting gemstones at age 18, back in California in 40 years ago! Matt said he wanted to say a few words to the proprietor of this beautiful gemstone, "Thank you Kingsly Ndoh for the wonderful opportunity you gave me in cutting this huge 425carats "Magama star" untreated blue-green topaz." #topaz #magamastar #choicegemsco #coloredgemstones

I hope you all have a chance to look at the two backstories below to learn the whole story of this gorgeous rare gemstone. From Rough to Rare Beauty!

Story Back links:


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