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A True Rare Beauty

"This is my next Big Project", Matt A. Dunkle

A Huge Rare Blue Topaz.

This Rare Blue Topaz has been trimmed and pre-formed.

There were a few areas that detracted from the stones color that were white/clear Topaz .

The rare blue color is the enhancing feature of this Topaz.

The "X" signifies where the Table will be placed.

Table placement on a stone this large is contingent upon size, color and shape.

With the trimming and preforming finished, the project takes form.

This stone was originally the size of a tennis ball.

The Topaz was 2012 Carats before trimming and pre-forming this stone.
This stone is a true rare beauty. This stone is not heated or altered in color in any way. This is a natural blue green color that is not often seen in Topaz.

The original size of this stone, with it's white topaz pieces still intact, was the size of a Baseball.
The project is under way and cutting has begun.
The stone has been shaped to cut out the inclusions and has been centered on the best side for the finished table.The Pavilion is being cut and shaped into a point with lots of facets.

The stone is faceted and Pre-polished.

 The Topaz has been faceted on the pavilion and the next step is to add more facets to make the stone sparkle. The more facets added, the more sparkle the stone has. Such as an SRB is not as sparkly as a Portuguese Cut. The photo below is the stone being polished.

These two photos show the size of this stone in comparison to CJ's right hand. It is still quite large and you can see the color is still blue green and striking.

There will be more updates to come! Stay tuned!

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