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Hi Friends,

Today, we are exploring the uses of the Lilac Flowers.

Lilacs grow in   areas where there is good sun and plenty of water.
Lilacs come in many colors, ranging from deep purple to lilac purple, white, bluish-purple, although lilac purple-pink is the classic color.

Dry lilac like herbs, upside down in a bunch or on a basket or screen. Keep the bunches together for ease in drying and harvesting.

Air-Drying Basics
Air-drying is a basic, simple method of preserving lilac flowers, although pink blooms tend to fade. Hang bunches of lilac blooms upside down in a dark, warm and dry area. Raised screens or drying racks also work well for air-drying. This method can take three weeks or more.

and more!


Bantam Update with Photos

Hi Friends,
Here's the update of the Bantam's me are raising!

We've acquired three rare breed chickens. Here are the chick & adult pictures that show how they look. The Polish Bantam  The Andalusian Bantam
and the last rare species is
The Lakenvelder These rare chicken breeds are mostly for show. 4-H uses bantams due to their showy appearance and their smaller size. We are just raising them because we like them. These will not be eating birds, but laying birds. They are due to lay the first part of September. Here is a look at all the chickens today: OUR CHICKEN MUGSHOTS!!

 Yes, Raider On The Go, Photo Bombed the chickens!!

 Check out the Backlink below to Jefferson Monticello Bantam Chickens post for some interesting information!Have a great day!Enjoy!


Herbal Remedies for Summer!

Hi Friends,
It's Vaca Time again, so here are some links to keep you going!!
Have a great Summer Vacation Everyone!

Weight Loss:
Raised Bed Herb Garden:

Don't forget to beat the heat with lots of WATER! Your best source to replenish the body during hot spells. Summer refreshers are great! Add lemon, lime, mint, or lemon balm to your water for a refresher! Ice them up by adding herbs to your ice tray and freezing them into cubes!! Fun, simple & refreshing! 

Enjoy your Summer!

Tuscan Landscape Gardening Ideas

Hi Friends!
I love reading and learning about gardening, planning the garden, plantings, and style! Today we're delving into A Tuscan Landscape.
The Tuscan style of landscape melds traditional plantings like lavender, rosemary, and Italian cypress with the warm colors of Terracotta urns, natural stone and bold flowers that stand out against the bright sunshine.

Use the resources you have - Stone and other materials are heavy to transport, so designing with the stone and materials you have on site can save money and energy.Select local stone - In a Tuscan landscape, the colors are more important than the specific types of stone. Any stone that is beige, buff, rusty-orange or warm brown will fit the theme.Choose native plants - Your region's natives will be well-adapted to your growing zone and can be artfully used within any style of landscape.Use drip irrigation rather than sprinklers - The output of drip irrigation is measured in gallons per hour, while the output of a s…

11 Awesome Links!

Just Sharing...

Hi Friends,
I found this beautiful video on YouTube and thought I would just share. God Bless you & your families! 

Jefferson’s Monticello Bantam Chickens

Jefferson’s Monticello Bantam Chickens Hi Friends,Today we are again talking chickens and Rare Breeds.Thomas Jefferson lived in the Monticello, Virginia. Jefferson had ducks, chickens, guinea hens, turkey, peacocks, pigeons, and geese.
Here is a link on diary notes from Jefferson on Bantam Chickens. The notes are on Poultry from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Jefferson was very fond of these Bantams and gave sound advice on raising them. The notes back and forth are worth the quick read!I found the information, on Mother Earth News, a write up on Jefferson's Bantam Chickens and it's very interesting.  We've acquired three rare breed chickens. Here are the chick & adult pictures that show how they look.
The Polish Bantam  The Andalusian Bantamand the last rare species is 
The Lakenvelder

Garden Design Ideas and DIY a build-grow-salad-garden

Hi Friends,
I don't know about you, but I love gardening. This year, since the chickens have arrived, I'd been at a loss as to how to go about the design of the garden in the back. I'd like to incorporate a few styles and blend them to create the perfect outdoor oasis for our family and pets. 

"Design—key plant elements or qualities (size, form, texture, color) in one of more design principles (size, form, texture, repetition, balance)
--Whether form or function depends on primary purpose, often bothDesign for function
--Physical (wildlife, fragrance, edible, herbs, erosion control, a monastery garden of herbs or other)
--Mental (plants found in the Bible, in Shakespeare, a collection of a specific genus, or plants and structures to provide amusement and education for kids)
--Locations (foundation plantings, hiding corners, or along a fence or walk)
--Ecological (rock gardens and wetland or bog gardens)Design for form/style
--Based on choice of plants, hardscape materia…

Rifle, Colorado Landscapes

Some pics I found while looking for my Flower Collection :D
These are of the Rifle, Golf Course heading out to Rifle Gap, Rifle Falls, and the Res.
These rock formations are awesome.
The water is quite low, I think this was close to the end of Summer 2014, I think. Anyway, beautiful area!