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Zucchini Grilled, Sautéed , Stir Fried, Steamed and Stuffed!

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Since Harvest Time is upon us and the Zucchini is a bit, well... much, I am going to give you a few extra ways to use up the zucchini in your garden before the frost sets in. We were inundated with Zucchini this year, to say the least, but we love it and share the bounty with our family & friends.

First, Grilled Zucchini is terrific! I usually cut my slices and lay them on a oil sprayed or coated grill rack and sprinkle on some herbs & spices. They don't take long and I usually flip them at least once. Keep an eye on the grill so the heat does not burn the zucchini.

Sautéed Zucchini has to be one of my favorites! I so love the caramelized onions and the flavor is so delicious! After slicing the zucchini, add them to a large sauce pan with 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil, Sesame Oil or Peanut Oil.
Heat to medium high and add the onion slices. Cook until the onions caramelize and the zucchini is fork tender. I sprinkle a little sea salt over the dish and serve hot. Yummmy!

 Zucchini can also be added to any vegetable stir fry recipe. 
We add it to "Happy Family" LINK , "Chili Shrimp & Vegetables", "Peppers & Zucchini" LINK , "Thai Chicken, Zucchini & Tomato Curry", and  if a recipe calls for "mixed vegetables", we toss in some zucchini.
Steamed Squash is a nice way to keep all the vitamins and minerals in the squash. I use a wire vegetable steamer or my wooden Asian Steamer. I like to cut the squash into chunks and put about a cup of water in the bottom of the pot. Bring the water to a boil and set the wire basket into the pot, or put the Steamer Baskets over the pot. Allow the vegetable to become tender to the degree in which you enjoy. Any where from 5 to 20 minutes.  Grandma likes zucchini a bit under done. She says she does not like it squishy. I thought that is how the name squash came about!
Sometimes, I will add onion or pepper slices to the steaming squash.
Zucchini Squash Flower
This year we planted the regular "Black Beauty" Zucchini with it's dark tender skin, "Yellow" Zucchini with a tougher skin, but makes a great Panko Fried Zucchini and great pickle chips. And lastly, since we had such a great planting of the Billiard Ball Zucchini last year, we planted them again.

 Above is the "Lemon Yellow" Variety of Zucchini. We liked this bright and sunny variety. The texture is good and they last about a week after picking. We froze, shredded and pickled this variety.
This type of Zucchini is called Billiard Ball and it have 4 colors it comes in. This is the yellow variety, there is dark green, medium green and light green. The optimal size of this zucchini is the size of an "8-Ball" used in the game of Pool. These little Billiard Ball Zucchini are great in all recipes that call for zucchini. They are meatier than their long tubular "Black Beauty" Zucchini Cousins. If they grow large, just remove the seedy area in the middle and cook as chunks or they even make great pickles!

 OH and don't forget stuffing them like you would a bell pepper. Hollow out the seedy parts and fill with stuffing, hamburger sauce and top with cheese!

We had a bumper crop, and made squash pickles. We also like to marinade the zucchini and grill it. Drying them is also a good way to store Zucchini. 

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