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Help! My Orchid Leaves Are Yellow!

Hi Friends!

Today, when "ice watering" my Orchid, I noticed the leaves were yellowing and fading fast. I wanted to see what was happening. As you know, this is my second year of my orchids blooming and I am learning, just like you!

 I had purchased the moss above for a larger project, pictured, but when I opened it, the moss was all chopped up. So, I read that the Orchid would like it.

I checked the water, the roots were greenish gray and healthy. It wasn't standing in water and there is a new node starting from the stake that just flowered in February.

Anyway, what I found out was that this is a normal progression when a plant blooms. The old stems and the older leaves die back.
photo by CJD.Sign

photo by CJD.Sign

photo by CJD.Sign

I had added some moss to the pot, as I read that it was a good medium for the orchids. I will be feeding my orchid at the end of the month with a 20-20-20 fertilizer.


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