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Orchids! Growing Them Indoors

 What is it about Orchids that makes you say ooooh?
 Is it the large variety of colors that Orchids come in?
 Is it the softness and delicacy of the flowers?
 Is it the patterns and the alien like centers?
All photos on this blog page by CJD.Sign, unless specified.

 Is it the vanilla fragrance the flowers give off?
 To my surprise, my orchid came with two distinct flowers in the colors I so love!!
Mine has one stem of White flowers and two stems of Green, Pink, Fuschia multicolored flowers.
 I love plants and growing them with little care is my favorite. I think I would have to answer yes to all the above questions! I just received an orchid for Valentine's day and I wanted to make sure it would survive while I am away.
  I have seen them misted, watered, iced, humidified, but with all the information out there to choose from, is there a comprehensive guide to my orchids?
 So this blog is about not only how to care for my orchids, but how to make them thrive.

Ok so it says they love South facing windows.
Humm, no windows on the South side of my home...
A red brick wall on South side of house.
So what is next?
I found Orchids.com online and there was so much information, ideas, tips and species of Orchid that it blew me away!!
As seen on Orchids.com
 Under "Species" I looked up the two variety that I have. The tag states they were grown locally in Colorado, so the temperature and growing conditions are conducive to my growing climate.

 My white one is called "Exquisite Serenity in White".
As seen on: http://www.orchids.com/Assets/ProductImages/810311_12.jpg
This variety is described to "bring peace and serenity to its recipient" and it sure has! The botanical name for this variety is white Phalaenopsis orchid. It's characteristics are

gently cascading flower spikes and a graceful elegance.
As seen on: http://www.sarasotaorchidsociety.org/images/monthly/2005/may_MVC-001F.JPG the Owner -Mike Jowett of Florida.
 Phal. Baldan's Kaleidoscope 'Golden Treasure' is the name of the other Orchid in the combo. Commonly known as the moth orchid, these plants can maintain their flowers for upwards of 2 months if kept in the proper conditions.

A gorgeous color combination!

This stunning Phaleanopsis is a clone, according to http://www.waldor.com  .
It's characteristics are  "4" flowers of golden yellows, with magenta candy striping. These are notorious for lasting a very long time in bloom and seem to re-bloom soon after they had stopped."
 as seen on:http://www.waldor.com/Phal__Baldan_s_Kaleidoscope__Golden_Treasure__AM_AOS-details.aspx
As seen on Etsy.com

The first bud bloomed yesterday on the green variegated variety.
Well, The Plant Guru on: http://www.houseplantsguru.com, has some great ideas. Especially for watering while away on holiday.
Watering Plants on holiday:
He shows how to use a watermat. It is a great Idea!! It waters the plants while you are gone.

 Our home is not very humid, so I invested in a humidifier to ensure humidity in the house. (Instructions to clean and fill the humidifier will be attached to the container before I go.)http://anniehearts.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/greenery/img_6713.jpg
As seen on: http://anniehearts.com
The tips in this blog should be tried, but I can not guarantee any success as it is my first time trying to grow Orchids.

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