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DIY Christmas Ornaments Gold Pine Cones, Flowers & Orange Roses

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We are embarking on 
a new DIY Tutorial:
 How to Make Golden Pine Cone Decorations for the Christmas Tree!

 Golden Pine Cone Decorations

What you will need:
old Newspapers
Pine Cones in varying sizes (pine cones or Scented Pine Cones)
Gallon Size Plastic Bag
Fine Gold Glitter (from JoAnn's )
Spray Glue
Monofiliment Line (fishing line)
Gold Ribbon
paper towels

Lay out old newspapers over work area.
Cut a length of monofiliment/fishing line and tie it to the bottom of the pointed cones and to the top of the rounded cones that have a point in the top center.

Knot the ends of the monofiliment/fishing line together. This line will help hang it on the tree.

A little Trick to pop open the flap on the glitter is to use the point of a peeler. This is a good way to open those pesky pepper cans and baking soda boxes.

I reuse/repurpose my zip bags for crafts. If I have stored meats or if something is moldy, then the whole bag is tossed away in the trash. But this is a good way to do sticky or glittery craft projects in a bag that keeps the mess inside.
Hold the tied line on the pinecone over a paper towel and spray the cone up and down in short sprays. Move your hand out of the way before you spray! Mine is like this in the photo to show the easiest way to hold it.  Turn it over and spray again.
Drop the pinecone into the zip bag and pour about 2 Tablespoons into the bag.   Shake the bag to cover the pinecone. 
Shake off excess glitter inside of bag to contain the mess.
Lay glittered cones onto newsprint away for glue spraying area. Let dry 30 to 45 minutes or until dry if this is done in a hot area. The cooler the room the faster the glue will dry.  Add a gold bow to finish off the decoration and it is ready to hang on the tree.
All photos by CJD.Sign

Buy them glittered HERE
and tie with gold ribbon


Gold Flowers

What you will need:
Flowers *I used Magnolias with clips on the backs.
News paper
Spray Glue
Fine Gold Glitter (from JoAnn's )


Spray the glue in center of the flowers.

Gently shake (from the smallest hole or half the hole covered) the glitter onto the center of the flower.

Tip flower over and shake onto the newspaper. *I then shake the newspaper into the ziploc type bag.

Let the flowers sit 45mins to 1hour. The silk flowers take a bit longer to dry so put them on clean newspaper or paper towel to dry.

Gold "Orange" Roses
What you will need:
Varied sizes Dried Orange Peel Roses *I used small Cutie Oranges made into roses and dried.
LINK:  How To Make Orange Peel Roses
News paper
Spray Glue
Fine Gold Glitter (from JoAnn's )
Paper towels

Place newspapers under your work surface. Use a paper towel to absorb the spray glue and place it under your orange "rose". Do these one at a time to avoid them sticking together.

Shake your spray glue, spray the front and the back of the rose. It is very liberal and you only need a bit of spray.

Drop rose into zip type bag and sprinkle in the gold glitter.

Shake your bag, tossing the rose to cover.

Shake off the rose in the zip bag to get off excess glitter. 

Place rose on clean newspaper to dry.  
Repeat for each orange rose you desire to glitter.

I will be using all 3 of these Golden Glitter Items for my New Christmas Wreath. LINK
And I found these cute gold pine cone ornaments HERE

I hope you found this fun and it will help you get into the Christmas Spirit!


Our Sponsor:  LC Cooper Author Humanitarian

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