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New Years Celebration with "Death by Chocolate Trifle"

Death by Chocolate Trifle by Art "Mr Food". 
Death by Chocolate Trifle
 This is an awesome dessert and one we hope to make for our traditional New Year's Feast.

"This was one of Art's favorite dessert recipes to share with all of you. Please feel free to share your memories of Mr. Food and any recipes of his that you love to make on our Memorial Page." Photo credit of Mr Food website.
Read more at http://www.mrfood.com/Misc-Desserts/Death-by-Chocolate-From-Mr-Food#IhbZGK6cKRSrUl7U.99

Art Ginsburg, Mr. Food, died at age 81 on November 22, 2012. For most of us who watched his shows and remember his "Ooooh So Good!" ,  miss this great cook and his humor. He loved food and wanted to share it with others. He was a big part of my learning new things to cook and appreciating good home cooked foods.

 Our usual Celebration starts with the New Year's Eve Time Square Ball Presentation from New York. 
The New Year Time Ball is made of Waterford Crystal.                   It is Gorgeous!!

We watch the ball drop, kiss, and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

The history behind Time Balls
The history behind Time Balls
The history behind Time Balls

This year we will be cracking open some Cherry Sparkling Cider to share with the family for our New Year's Toast.

 Then, sadly we crash for the night and enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning. 

 The day is the usual, nibbling on goodies, watching our favorite programs, and enjoying one another's company!

I pray you and yours have a Wonderful New Year ! May you have good health, happiness, and love. 
God Bless You All!
CJ & Matt

 Enjoy the Firework Photos from around the World!  (I take no credit for these or any photos in this posting.)

Hope you liked the show!

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