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Around My Table ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Hello Friends!
Today is the last day of 2015 and I just wanted to say Thank You to You All. Your patronage and readership has been so supportive for the past years. You all are why I blog. I love to teach and I am excited to learn & show off new ideas! Thank you for your support!

Silver Tea & Coffee Pots with warmer candle areas below! Beautiful Thank You! Sarah Solomon!
Beautiful!! Thank You! Sarah Solomon!

Because we are a society that has always gathered around food, I've blogged about all the tablescapes that are my favorites. Setting a table in a manner that looks both chic and effortless is the goal. I have used all of the ideas in this blog post from one time or another and because we (somehow) fried my external hard drive , I'll list my sources for the ones I have copied photos of to replace the ideas I have used in the past. I love decorating and making a table scene is one of my favorite and easy decorating projects!

Here is a few photos of our New Year's Tablescape 2015/2016.
 The place setting is Noritaki's "Love Song" from Japan. This is my Paternal Grandmother's set from her wedding back in the 1930's. I love this design and the elegance it brings to the table. I have paired it with mix mash of collected Silver Utensils. My Maternal Grandmother's Coffee & Tea Pot (in need of a good polishing) are in the photo just for aesthetics. We will have individual hot tea for dessert and Iced Tea with Dinner. I'll discuss the place setting down below in the post.

I've been decorating my homes since I was a little girl. With all the photos and ideas in magazines and on the internet, there are so many to choose from! Setting a stylish table is one of my favorite things to do! But sometimes, with all the ideas on blogs and social media, it is hard to find a place to start. Here is how I hope this blog post will help you!
Enjoy! CJD.Sign

This is a simple tray set up with the Coffee & Tea pots with a delicious assortment of cookies. This photo can be found on FB on my CJD.Sign page. I used my favorite Christmas Tea Cups instead of these glasses pictured. This is a classic tea with a festive twist for the Holidays!

For a Brunch Table, I used patterned English china called "Provencal" , which had been my Paternal Grandmother's favorite dishes.  These were placed on top of gold chargers in plastic. I found these dotted edge chargers at the "Dollar Tree". Don't eat off these large chargers (platters), they are just for show and are used similar to place mats. The table cloth is gold damask topped with a flower patterned lace cloth. A Green brocade velvet table runner was added for its striking color that brought out the green in the china design.  Tea cups & saucers and a salad plate are just enough dishes for a simple Brunch Table.
Close up view of "Provencal".

For a simple Dessert, a homemade Cherry Pie by Hubby, I use just a white raised patterned "fruit" designed plate from Gibson china called "Fruit" discontinued pattern, but I find a piece every now and again at yard sales or Resale shop. I served coffee and tea. This is a better photo of the brocade velvet table runner.

 For a festive July 4th Celebration, I use a set of table runner and mats that I made out of a flag tapestry. I love to have fresh flowers or as shown here, a rooting pineapple top (this was before I trimmed off the yellow & brown, but you get the idea) or herbs for a nice Summer aroma.
 This idea came from Martha Stewart Magazine years ago. She used tapestry to make place mats and runners. It is an easy idea for those of you who sew, but you can also pick up similar themed mats & runners at stores just before the holiday.

 This is a Christmas Tea Tablescape. I used fun festive decorated plates Ro Gregg called "Welcome Winter" c1998 (stone ware, microwave, oven to table  & dishwasher safe) on top of the gold chargers. A set of large festive mugs, gold trimmed wine glasses, the Christmas Tree Tea pot, made by my Paternal Grandmother, are added along with a white sugar bowl. We had Eggs Benedict which is why the white German china gravy boat was there. I used two of the green brocade napkins turned on point and the matching table runner.

This Christmas Tablescape I found on Pinterest under Tablescapes

 For this more formal Brunch table setting, I used the above place setting and added the gold trimmed dishes from Gibson "Home Studio Gold" china. The first plate held the croissant, the next size held the Egg Cups, the last plate held the last course which was Biscuits & Gravy! Delicious!

Photo Source Pier 1 Imports on Pinterest
For this place setting, I used a similarly styled woven Christmas Cloth with gold threads, white plates with gold trim, gold rimmed wine glasses, a decorated Christmas ball and matching Christmas cloth napkins. I used gold handled silverware to give a pop to the setting. (sorry no photo)

For my Thanksgiving Tablescape, I use a brown silk table setting with gold trimmed white dinnerware from Gibson called "Home Studio Gold". Silver utensils adds such charm to the setting. The napkins are fan folded and slipped through the jeweled golden napkin rings. I accent the table with a Family Heirloom Silver Service, Silver topped salt & pepper shakers, pumpkins and pine cones for easy decorations.

For those of you that may need a refresher course on a Table Setting, I've done a quick photo tutorial for you! Enjoy!
Here is the example of the place setting before you at a formal dinner. There may be two or three extra plates on the large Dinner Plate and they would be, from smallest to largest, a salad plate, under that a first course plate or bowl if soup is served. Then the Dinner plate shown above. Each plate, saucer or bowl will be removed before the next course is served. 

The utensils are labeled for convenience in the photo above, but it is a good thing to remember the sequence. Always work from the outside towards the plate.  The first course if it is a salad, you would use the first fork, salad fork, on the left outside of the dinner fork. If the first course is soup, then you would use the spoon on the right outside of the Tea Spoon.  If there is an extra fork or spoon, that is usually the dessert spoon or fork and it is placed above the Dinner plate and to be used later in the meal. For this setting, there is no dessert utensil.  The Dinner fork is used with the Dinner plate and the knife. My knives are very sharp Silver service knives that belonged to a family relative and were passed down to me. LUCKY ME!

For now, what I have labeled "Salad Bowl", will be used for that instead of a dessert bowl. The salad can be placed on the middle of the Dinner plate to lesson the chances of spilling on the table cloth. We do this with this table setting.  There is also a tea cup & saucer for the hot tea to the right of the plate that sits directly above the knife and spoons. We will also have large Iced Tea Glasses that will be to the left of the tea cups. (not show in the photo).  And we will be using Wine Glasses to toast for the New Year filled with Champagne or Bubbling Cherry Cider.

 There also could be other utensils on the table to be familiar with.
The serving Fork & Spoon can either be for meat & side dishes, used separately. Or they can be used together to serve the salad.

There is a Butter knife to be used ONLY for the butter/margarine and will be on the plate where it should stay after being used.

The same go for the small Relish/Pickle or Olive Forks. These can also be used for seafood. And they will remain on the dish the condiment will be used. If they are to be used for a seafood dish, lobster, or crab, then these will be in the service beside the first forks to the left.

Oh and yes, I forgot the napkins! they go under the forks or on the plates for added pop!
I like this simple folded napkin topped with a sprig of green a painted pine cone with beads and a name on a ribbon. The names can be done with rub on lettering from the craft store.

Happy New Year Everyone!
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