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One Lousy Wish by LC Cooper

One Lousy Wish by LC Cooper

One Lousy Wish by LC Cooper by cjd-sign
  This is one of my favorite books by LC Cooper. I have been reading her books for years and this one is a Valentine triumph!
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A Sneak Peek:

"No, really – you don't say? Still very clever and quick with the one-liners, Peter – of course. The Falconesse was overbooked. After apologizing, they tossed me on a transfer bus and plopped me here at The Kristabella. The manager gave us…me…one of their penthouse suites, gratis, for the weekend. He felt sorry for me after overhearing the phone conversation I had with my jerk husband. I still cannot believe the only reason Sean called was to say he was going through with the divorce. I'm sorry, I am getting worked up again. Anyway, the hotel manager also said he is taking care of all expenses. I must have come across as quite the pitiful basket case."

Jilted by her estranged husband, Cheryl Evans laments spending the weekend alone at a luxurious resort.
If given the chance, will she make lemonade?
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Enjoy Your Valentine!

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