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50+ Stunning Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

CJD.Sign Red & Silver Christmas Tree
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I have compiled many different Christmas Tree Ideas, Themes, and Color Schemes. Here are some great ideas to decorate the center of your Christmas Season!
Pretty and simple.
 Silhouettes grace frames on this tree. Here are a few for you below
 This idea of using Silhouettes, hand cut pictures in black of oneself or an other person, goes back as far as 500AD. The popularity of this rendering of a portrait started in the 1500's when Catherine de Medici cut portraits for a hobby. These "Shadow Portraits", "Likenesses", "Shade", and "Profiles" were all the rage before the camera was invented.  They are still popular today.

Adding extra puffs of ribbon makes this tree pop!
The addition of pine cones gives this tree a theme.
How about focusing on the White Lights? They seem to dance on the tree and wreath.
Decorating a single tree gives the appearance of a beacon of hope during this Christmas Season!
Using fruit in the Christmas decorations has been around since the first Christmas Trees were used. Fruits and nuts were the first adornments added to the Christmas Tree, because they were available. Some fruits, like apples, pomegranates, cranberries are used whole, while citrus is usually dried and used in slices.
Tea Party Tree!

This tree has the addition of roses that add a touch of elegant class to this Christmas Tree.

Simplicity is just as nice as full out decorations. This tree has red berries, bows, and pine cones, with wisps of faux pussy willows. Simply Beautiful!

Several delightful Christmas trees fill this lavish place! The garland swags and wreaths add extra charm.

Don't forget to leave milk and cookies out for Santa!

This tree has the added touch of icicles that dangle from the branches.

 House on the Way, uses a black and white theme that gives this tree a distinct elegance.
We will be using this Top Hat tree topper for next year's Christmas Tree! This tree has mini Santa suits, hats and snowmen.

Using a mirror to reflect the tree is a good thing!
Using a bump out window, bay window, or nook is a great way to display the tree without impeding on the flow of the traffic thru the room. It also looks spectacular from the roadside!
A natural fresh cut Christmas Tree can be charming in the minimalist style. Check out the Scandinavian Christmas decorating.
How about using books to make a tree?
Or popping some red poinsettias on the tree?
This natural fresh tree looks beautiful in a more formal setting.
Decorating in strips of colored balls, gives this tree an interesting visual effect.
Carying the theme of the tree though the banister and wreath helps draw you eye through the room. Gorgeous decorating.
Here, the white flocked tree is simply stunning!
This red and silver theme is simple and just the right touch. The red and silver balls adorn this fresh tree without overpowering the simplicity of the room. This red and silver look is the theme we have chosen for this year.
The elegance of silver.

Another bay window Christmas Tree Idea. The swags add to the windows decour and make this nook quite delightful!

Trees, trees, and more trees. Why not? It looks wonderful!
Again, the use of a mirror brings more color to this simple room.
Peacocks anyone? A fun and festive idea!
A white tree of gold and pink. These white colored trees and the white flocked trees are back in popularity from the 1960's.
The traditional look with accents of red.
Don't forget to add a tiny tree to the kitchen.
This amazing tree is laden with peacock feather. Gorgeous!
Gold and silver with a tiny pinch of red. The placement of this tree draws your eye upward.
Baubles that dangle adorn this tree! Love those colors!
Here is a nice idea for a seated bay window. The white them is reflected in the accents around the tree. Old fashioned glass balls look beautiful in this show case tree.
PINK! How pretty!
Pretty red!
Using a theme from a room makes this tree look as if it is part of the furniture.
This stick tree is a neat twist on the natural idea of a Christmas Tree. No pun intended.
A "Whoville Tree"? Twisty spring decorations make this tree fun!

Keeping with the snowy white theme of the flocked Christmas tree.

Handmade tags with black and white photos make this tree a true Family Tree!

Another Peacock Themed Tree flows nicely with the present wrapping and tree skirt.
Longer bows on this Christmas Tree give it a elegantly unique look.
Another "Book" Christmas tree from a library. A spiral lighting effect with the lights creates movement for this tree.

Feathers and springs, large ribbon and poinsettias make this tree stunning.

White and silver give elegance to this theme.
This theme is delightful by Just Destiny Mag. Here is a link to other decorating ideas by Destiny! A wonderful website to browse beautiful decorating, crafting, and delicious ideas!
I hope you enjoyed the Christmas eye candy! Maybe there is a bit of inspiration in these Christmas Tree photos!

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