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Road Trip to the Uncompahgre Forest of Colorado ~ Part 2

 Hi, Sweet Friends!
 We've taken a road trip to the Uncompahgre Forest! This trip was filled with gorgeous landscapes, pretty wild flowers, snow-capped mountains, aspen groves, pine forests, shimmering lakes and perfect weather! This is the second part of the trip. Come along and enjoy the show!

Walking the path to the lake.
Wild Honeysuckle.
 Wild Honeysuckle growing along the forest path leading to the overlook of the mountain range.
Tiny yellow flowers growing on the forest floor. Unsuccessfully Identified. Any suggestions?
This doe was slightly round as many of the others. She seems to be with calf.
This yearling still has the faun white spots.
Camping areas have fire pits and picnic tables.
Some of the camp sites are river side.

The rivers were too high and too fast for fishing.
 River flowing fast by the road into Silver Jack Reservoir.

Beaver Lake in the Uncompahgre Forest.

Beautiful scenery and breathtaking mountain views!  Above is Turret Ridge.

Just one complaint. When in the forest... don't cut on the trees. It is not only detrimental to the trees, it's down right ugly. Just sayin'!
Silver Jack boat inlet.

Tho these people are trying to catch some fish, there are no fish in Beaver Lake.

Posted on the largest sign is a note about there being no fish in Beaver Lake. Seems like many fish have been introduced to this lake, but it can't sustain fish habitat. So, no fish...
 Cimmeron River
 A Privately owned lake.

Much of the Forest is scrub land that many ranchers raise cattle on.
Unique and Beautiful homes dot the landscape in a section of Privately owned land between the National Forest.

We found this patch of wild Purple Iris as we were entering the forest.

 Well, Thank you for coming along on our trip! We had a great time and enjoyed lots of scenery and wild creatures along the way!
Join us next trip!


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