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Road Trip to the Uncompahgre Forest of Colorado

 Hi, Sweet Friends!
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We've taken a road trip to the Uncompahgre Forest! This trip was filled with gorgeous landscapes, pretty wild flowers, snow-capped mountains, aspen groves, pine forests, shimmering lakes and perfect weather!
 In the large forest, there are tiny beauties dotting the landscape.
The Snow-capped Mountains of the Uncompahgre Forest, Colorado.
Aspen Groves
Pine Forests
Beaver Pond
That's just a taste of the day!
Come along for the ride!

Uncompahgre Forest
The Uncompahgre Forest is a part of the Colorado Plateaus.

"The 1.5 million-acre Uncompahgre Plateau, located just west of Montrose, is a vast expanse for outdoor enthusiasts looking for room to breathe. The word “Uncompahgre” is a Ute Indian word with many connotations describing water – “dirty water” or “rocks that make water red.”

A gradual incline from Montrose takes visitors to the plateau’s summit ridge at an elevation of just under 10,000 feet. Along the way, the landscape transitions from sage, pinyons and junipers to aspen groves, ponderosa pines and mixed conifer forests at higher elevations.
Visit Montrose, Colorado

These are some of the Mule Deer we saw on the way up. It was early morning, a cool crisp breeze was blowing, and the low clouds hadn't bruned off just yet. And around a corner, these two came into view. Can you see them?

Peek-A-Boo! I see you!
 We were enjoying the morning and so were these gals!
Then up ahead the guys come out of the glade.
Two of four Mule Deer Bucks.
These two Mule Deer Bucks still have felting on their antlers. They are enjoying the lush greeness of the area.
The mountains and plateaus have gotten an exceptionally large amount of snowfall this year. And the beautiful Green result shows!
A Ground Squirl, the marmot family, peeks through the long grasses. (Desert Chipmunk)

Looking at the other Elk.

 Two Female Elk, cows, watch from a field. They are looking at the Elk on the other side of the trees. We had never seen Elk in a split herd before. Amazing! For identification, the Mule Deer have whiter faces and black noses. The Elk have dark necks and faces.
Elk Herd

A Momma Mule Deer & her Yearling.

Wild Lupins
Majestic Buck
Feasting in the underbrush are two Mule Deer Bucks.
 We hadn't seen this many deer and elk in an area before. I didn't get pics of them all, but there were many hiding behind brush, trees, and some that ran from the camera! :)
This is the first half of the the trip.
Enjoy! And please stay tuned for the second part!

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