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How To Sow Seeds - You Can Grow!

Hi, Sweet Friends!
Today we are planting seeds.
We will be planting Tomatoes, Peppers, and cabbages. Also, Marigolds, pansies, daisies, herbs and vines.

 It's not too late to plant seeds, you  can start many seeds and put them in a sunny window.

So basically, start with a good potting soil,
clean pots or containers, and a sunny location.
 I save these lidded containers.
 I fill them with potting mix, then make rows with a butter knife.
 I plant the seeds.
 And gently cover the seeds using the butter knife.
 Press down lightly. Spray with water, gently, soaking the seeds, but not making them float.
I write on these container lids with a permanent marker to keep the boxes from getting mixed up.

The lid acts as a "mini-greenhouse" and allows the seedlings to maintain a constant moist environment in which to grow.
 I move the seedlings to a well lit bathroom until the plants have their second set of leaves and then I re-pot the seedlings into larger pots. 

Keeping the seedlings moist is a must! I use a spray bottle set on mist and mist the seedlings daily. And sometimes, even more than once a day, if the seedlings look to be drying out.
photo from Pinterest Gardening
Start some seeds today and grow something for your home or garden!

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