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Greenhouse or Hoop House To Extend the Growing Season

Hi, Sweet Friends!
I'm so excited to show you the Hoop House/Green House we just got up! This new garden feature will help us to extend our gardening experience. We only get 96 days of hot growing in this area of Colorado, and that is with many cold days, mixed in the middle. 
The Mallow is over taking the Veggie Garden and the chickens hate the stuff! Darn.
In the above photo, we will be placing the Hoop House in the open area, burn area, and moving the bean trellis down to the tomato boxes of last Summer. Making sure your crops rotate is a good thing and keeps down bugs and disease in the garden.

Seeds planted!
Temporary Hoop House in Place!

We decided after last years short garden season, with tomatoes not ripening on the vine, that we would extend the gardens this year. We already think this has been a great investment. 
The tarp helps with the heat and holds the hoop house in place when the strong winds come through.

A look inside!
The Sister Chicks love the new hoop house!

My herbs are loving it, the tomatoes have doubled, and the salad greens are doing great and not burning in this 80-degree weather we have been enduring this past week.
The veggies and herbs are loving it!
The Seedlings are doing great!

 The tarp will be moved down to the end when we move the bean trellis. The seedling will stay in the shaded area and the more sturdy plants will be in the uncovered area in the front.
A water wand is a great way to put moisture into the hoop house. This also helps with keeping the plants cool in the heat of the day. So far, they are getting a misting and house spray down 3 x's a day.

 Daily we are making sure the inside is completely sprayed down and the rocks on the outside of the hoop house are in place. The chickens are sneaky and are pulling the plastic up from the rocks. This is a daily chore to replace the rocks, but ensures the chickens keep out of the plants!            
The addition of straw on the floor of the hoop house is a plus for keeping moisture in and mud down!

So far, we are keeping the window flaps open and zipping the front door shut. Chicken safety!

Our garden, because of the chickens still in this location, is going in a week late, but still doing well in the Hoop House!
 I hope you will stay tuned for the next gardening adventure!
We will be closing off this garden next week and planting the garden up!
 Thanks for coming along!

Custom Gem Cutter Matt A. Dunkle

The water wand was purchased from WalMart.com

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