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Meet Our New Sister Chicks!

Hi Sweet Friends!
Today, we were going out into the Spring Garden to start our lettuce and spinach in the garden. This is the first full year of the 8 Sister Chicks and we are totally shocked at how much they have changed the look of the garden areas! The first observation about how the 8 Sister Chicks have been moving everything around in the gardens. These ladies are true earth movers.

So, I took a quick movie of the gardens as a "before" video to have something to compare to.

  Also, the 8 Sister Chicks are now 10 Sister Chicks with the addition of our two new girls! We have  Cocoa Shadow & Snowflake(formally known as White Bonnet). White Bonnet lost her white top feathers and they popped out all over her body in a snowflake pattern. These two new girls are truly beautiful and add a pop of color variety to the mix. The new girls were both born in March, two weeks apart. They are now 2 1/2 months old now.
White Bonnet/ Snowflake
Cocoa Shadow

The photos above are at Easter 2017 and the Chicks are both two weeks old.
The New Girls are now 2 1/2 Months old.

Cocoa Shadow
Snowflake is a "CooCoo Maran" and  Cocoa Shadow is an "Americauna".
These girls are true brood mates.
 These two girls are separated for now so they have a chance to acclimate to the outdoors and become part of the whole Sister Chicks slowly. The older girls really were curious the first day, but now they seem to have accepted the new girls are in their space. Next week, we will let them out and see how they do together. We will put them in the chicken house at night, while the others are already on their roosts. It makes acceptance a bit easier. And the new chicks will have to come out of the house, hence know where they go. We will have to do the house introduction at night for a few nights until they get used to the idea and learn to climb the ladder/ramp.

Enjoy your week!

From the 10 Sister Chicks Farm!

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