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Gardening and Containers

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Sandstone painted Urn
Today we are looking ahead to Gardening and Containers that fill up those empty spaces. Also, we need to train the grapes and have found some ideas on doing so.
Plastic Sandstone Window box

Here are two selections in a sort of sand color. A window box to the right and an urn on the left.

Sandstone Plastic Planter Box
I've been also looking at hubby making me some front planters like these here:
 I like this idea and saw on a Pinterest post about taking a door and cutting it apart to make these. https://www.pinterest.com/cjd_sign/garden-style/

Fire Cracker Marigolds

Calendula/Pot Marigold
 These two beauties did great in the garden pots this year. I planted the Fire Cracker Marigolds circling a Purple Opal Basil that was so fragrant and delicious.
The containers of Marigolds placed around the porch helped keep the mosquitoes at bay. That in itself is an excellent reason to use Marigolds in containers around the home.

Here is an awesome idea for a wall hanging garden. A clever idea for a garden anywhere at anytime.
I like this idea for a garden box kit with a wire frame to keep out animals. I think this would be great to keep the big dogs from using the gardens.

I'm very interested in this type, with the walker, I can still get around, but not have to bend. loading the boxes with compost on the bottom layers and layering up to good healthy soil.
Garden Mums in Containers at the walk ways made the homes entrance POP this past Fall.

These are great for climbing vines or to train grapes.

And of course, there is the garden fence. I am looking into getting a short boarder fence for the front Herb Gardens to keep out roaming cats, dogs and skunks.

I do like the versatility of moveable Urns.

The use of containers in the garden enables plants to be moved around and used seasonally. I start the Spring with self seeding Pansies, Alyssum, Geraniums and Marigolds. This year I want to try some new plants. Also, I'm hoping to get up window boxes to increase my gardening space.
Beautiful Cosmos planted with the fragrant Alyssum Carpet of Snow.

Velveteen Petunias compliment the Variegated Coleus. The Mums in the background were splendid.

The Pansy always looks pretty in Spring.

This box is made of metal.
 When gardening thru the Seasons, it is important to know how long the blooming time is. Say I plant the Spring bulbs, then a Perennial in the center surrounded by some Annuals. This allows 3 different growing Seasons. Spring, Summer & Fall.

It is also important to note the locations of the Sun in your garden areas and the Shade. We have a nice porch that we enjoy entertaining on, however, this spot gets tons of direct sun during the day. So last year we lost most of the Annuals due to extreme heat. This year we will plan better. The hanging baskets did quite well with a mix of Sun Loving & Shade Loving plants.

These hanging baskets have Coconut husk liners.
*With these hanging baskets with the Coconut Husk Liners, I read the you can place a baby diaper between the liner and the potting soil to keep the plants from drying out between waterings. This I am definitely going to try this year.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the many versatile planters, pots and garden flowers!
The Purple Opal Basil gave me 4 large cuttings to dry.
Calendula in a Window box.

Potting up flowers, herbs, vegetables & fruit trees is a great way to extend the seasons growing. 

Moving the pots around the yard is a great way to add color & texture.

I even had a 2015 potted Pimento Pepper that I over wintered and placed in the Herb Garden in the Spring of 2016 and it did great! So you can even extend the growing season indoors by bringing certain plants indoors. That being said, you may bring in unwanted visitors (bugs), so beware.


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