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Garden Tips with Videos!

Hi Sweet Friends,
I am always trying to come up with good Garden Tips for easier gardening.
 So I have taken some of my favorites and done quick videos of them for you. I have gathered them all here from my YouTube account so that they are easily accessable. 

Garden Tip #1
Seed Shaker
Here I used a recycled herb container with the preholed lid on as a "shaker" to broadcast seeds in the garden. Great cheap Garden Tip #1. Thanks for watching!

 Garden Tip #2
Quick and Easy Re-potting A Plant 
Here is a quick photo tutorial for the beginning gardener on how to re-pot a plant purchased or grown from seed into a larger final container. Thanks for watching!

Garden Tip #3
Bundling Herbs
Here is a quick photo slide show of how to do a slip knot to hold a bundle of herbs. Thanks for watching!
I've tried many ways of tying up herbs. This is adjustable as the stems start to dry and slip, making this a perfect way to bundle up drying herbs!
Since YouTube has decided that they would make the photos shuffle instead of the way I organized them with the directions. So, here they are in order... thanks for looking!

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