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For The Love Of Tea

Hi Sweet Friends,
When you think of tea, what comes to mind?
A hot cup of tea to warm a Winter Day?
 That afternoon cup of tea?
 An Asian Tea Ceremony?
 A child's Tea Party?
 Or perhaps a cold Ice Tea on a hot Summer's day?
Well, tea is so universal and such a delightful drink that the mere name of tea floods the mind with vivid images.

Which ever vision of tea you may have, there is a tea out there for you. There are Black, Green, Herbal, Mixed Varieties, Healing & Holiday Teas of all kinds and flavors. I'll post links below for several companies to choose from. We also get a few Tea Newsletters & Blogs and I'll post those up here for you too! If you are not a tea drinker, consider trying a box at your local market and try one out today!

In many countries tea is a mainstay and celebrated at a certain time each day.
 In China, the Tea Ceremony is a ritual ceremony that entails each and every thing that is done, uses the specific tools, cups, and tea pots, and the teas themselves are specific to the ceremony. Many even dress for Tea.

In England, Tea Time, which is said to originate with Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, England, in the 1800's, is usually at 4:00pm each afternoon. It is considered a "meal" or "snack" and is looked at as an important part of the day.

Tea is made and served with biscuits (cookies), cakes or sandwiches. Tea Time was observed to stave off hunger till the Dinner meal.

Have you heard of Tea Cakes, Tea Biscuits & Tea Sandwiches? These little tasty morsels are served at Tea and are sometimes dunked  into the tea when eaten.
Tea Sandwiches are normally made of cucumber, fish salads, meats & cheeses, herbs, cream cheeses, & some even made with fruits. These sandwiches are usually made with cut off crusts and cut into smaller sandwiches. A Tea is important in most homes and with all the family members. It is a time to sit and enjoy the moment of a rushed or full day. Children at a young age are introduced to tea and seem to enjoy a snack in the middle of the day.

I, myself, enjoy a hot cup of tea just about anytime of the day or night. I am an avid collector of tea, I even grow my own organic herbs to use for herbal teas, healing teas, or to mix with black or green tea for a delicious healthy cup of tea.

Hubby enjoys a black iced tea and brews a fresh gallon daily with a bit of sweetener, whereas Hubby's Mom enjoys a bit of flavor mixed in her tea and unsweetened. This tea is a bit weakened down and mixed with green and sometimes herbs. Both as made as Ice Teas, are a delicious change from my hot teas. Summertime is a great time to have Ice Tea on a hot day!

There are also many stories of teas.
 Here are some of my favorites:
  • Chinese Emperor Shen Nung's discovery of tea. LINK
  • The Boston Tea Party (America's Independence) LINK
    Photo from Public Domain of the River at Boston.

  • The East India Trading Company (the John Company) that brought tea to other Countries in the World through Sea Trade. LINK
Here are some Tea Companies & Brands:
Here are some Tea Recipes: LINK

Here are some Tea Sandwich Recipes: LINK Including Downton Abby's Egg Salad Tea Sandwich Recipe!

Here are some Tea Biscuit Recipes: LINK

Some Backlinks to Tea Blogs:

 I hope you have learned a little bit about tea, some new teas to try and find time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea!

  Check out this link for some real tasty Tea Time Treats!

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