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INTERVIEW- A Sit Down With Author LC Cooper

Hey fellow authors -- I'm going to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this April, will you? It's always free to all writing participants just like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every November. This is not an ad or a sales pitch, and, I don't get paid to say this stuff. I'm writing you to write a draft manuscript n April The following link takes you to the registration page.
The "camp" isn't a physical camp--it's your opportunity to write under your own deadline & with your own goals. Fellow writers are your virtual "cabin mates." I encourage everyone from all countries to participate.
For five out of the last seven years, I've written a 50,000-word draft manuscript during November's NaNoWriMo. I'm looking forward to meeting many of you at the virtual NaNoWriMo writing camp all April.
I sat down with Author, LC Cooper this afternoon for a quick interview on her latest book. I'm excited to bring it to you here on my blog!
CJ: LC, how has this new book come about?
 LC: Just Hold Me is my latest novel. It came about due to current events, recent elections, the increasing stories of extra-terrestrials in the news, the possibility of human-hybrids, and the U.S.-Mexico border. These issues on the news medias and social medias are of interest to many of my readers.
CJ: Can you tell us about the genre?
 LC: The genre of this new book is a mash-up of Historical, Political, SciFi, and Romance.
CJ: How are the characters creating the mood?
 LC: The protagonist, Ed McGraw, is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, who, as a world traveled photo journalist, must come to grips with his past to save the future of his marriage.
CJ: Does this story have a meaning you wish to express?
 LC: Yes, I believe we will soon face the situation where humanity evolves, once again, as a result of extra-terrestrial intervention.
CJ: Are you excited about writing for this Camp NaNo WriMo Contest?
 LC: Yes, because I love to write and the time pressure spurs me on.
CJ: Do you recommend this type of contest writing to new writers? explain?
 LC: No, because writers who have already published their first novel have experience and have worked through much of the doubt that can come when writing. That being said, NaNo WriMo has a group for young writers, too.
CJ: In closing, LC can you tell your readers what is next on the horizon for their reading pleasure?
 LC: Next on the writing table is a sequel to Just Hold Me, called T.H.U.D., followed by, Chocolate Barbells; which will be a Romantic Comedy sequel to Christmess (a John and Jennifer Adventure). Also, I intend to complete two more novels waiting in the wings; Fortune Island-- the third in the Collen Rogerro Adventure Series and Second Chance -- a medically ethical "What if?" novel.
CJ: Wrapping this up, I'd like to thank you LC for sitting down with me today and giving your fans and followers a glimpse into this new Camp NaNo WriMo writing project! Good luck to you on this endeavor and keep us up to date when these next novels go to publish!

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