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You Can Do ~ Quick Fix

Hi Sweet Friends!
Today we are fixing the toilet handle that broke! And YOU Can Do It Too!
It is a simple fix that the plumber would charge you 1 hours work for a 5 minute (max) job!
 Here are the tools that you will need. A Wrench(Monkey Wrench), your hands, and the new handle with the nut.
 OK, let's do this!
 Open the lid of the toilet tank and set it aside. Take the wrench and turn it counter clockwise (righty tighty, lefty loosey) to loosen the nut. Use your fingers to finish loosening the nut and slid it down the length of the handle bar.
 Lift the bar (the water does not need to be shut off)
 and remove the clip that holds the bar to the chain. Don't drop the chain, just slip it into your hand to hold.
Take off the nut.
 Slip the old bar/handle out of the hole in the tank front.
 Put the new handle rod thru the hole in the front of the tank. Slip on the nut. Hook the clip/chain thru the desired hole (I measured the other handle to find out where it was before).
 Like this.
 Hold the handle firmly, let the rod drop and slip the new nut onto the threads.
 Tighten with your fingers.

 Cinch up the nut, just a bit, so the handle does not flop. And there you have it.
 It's all done and looks great! See how easy that was? And look at what you saved... Labor for a Plumber for 1hr = $51 to $276.

This is what most Plumbers offer.

"Common Services Provided By Plumbers 

A typical family plumber offers such services as water heater and washing machine repair, fixing leaky faucets, replacement of water and waste pipes, replacing fixtures, toilet repairs, installation of sump pumps and installation of new fixtures such as sinks and toilets."

So there you go. You Can Do It and save a few bucks!
The finished quick job at the cost of the parts totaling $8.00.

At the lowest cost Savings of $43.00 . Now go treat yourself to something Special with that $43.00 Savings!! YEA~

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment on a job well done!

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