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Ceramic Magnet Photo Frame

Hi Sweet Friends!
These pretty hand painted magnets were my Grandmother's favorite things. For me they kept floating around my rooms, not really having a Special Place to land. Well all that has changed and I really like the display they created. They now live in our Guest Quarters and look rather keen there!

The maker's stamps are under the magnets and I've not wanted to pry them off to see and possibly break them in the process, so here is how I worked them into the frame.
I thought the chop sticks were a cute addition, but Hubby said they made it cheezy. Totally NOT the look I was going for! So, the are just down on a table waiting to be used by a guest who uses them with Take Out!
Here is a great use for those add magnets that float from the fridge to the junk drawer. They were perfect to back onto the magnets.
I picked up this frame from Habit For Humanity Re-Store and what a perfect match & fit for these treasures of mine!
I cut these black cards the magnets were on to more of a square shape and kept them on the magnets. I used a black fine tip marker to darken the edge seen when they are in the mat.
Here they are positioned, very securely , in the mat.
I attached the thin add magnets to the back and set it into the frame.
There is no glass in this frame, but that allows to be more dimensional. The gold outlines are raised and the paints are smoothe. Very pretty and a nice remembrance of My Grandma!

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